RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE 704: Spoof Shocks With Trixie Exit

rupauls drag race season 7 spoof winners losers 2015

rupauls drag race season 7 spoof winners losers 2015

On this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race the drag queens commented on the fact that it was so quiet now that Jasmine has been eliminated. Then RuPaul announced that for this week’s Maxi challenge the drag queens had to create a parody of any RuPaul song. The drag queens were then told they would be divided into three teams and each had to write the lyrics for a parody song and then make a music video for the song. They were allowed to team up with whoever they wanted rather than RuPaul dictating it.

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Trixie said she felt good about the challenge because she can write song lyrics and sing them. During the planning process Max said that Violet often gets bitchy during challenges. Trixie said that Pearl needed to recharge her batteries when preparing for this performance because during the rehearsal of the song she was very rigid. Violet was having problems getting along with Lucian, who was helping the teams get ready to perform their music videos. Miss Fame said she was the strongest voice on her team but that she had to help out her fellow team members in order to be able to win the challenge. Max commented that Miss Fame was very outspoken about her potential to perform well even though she doesn’t have much experience doing so. When Violet performed in her costume for the video Max said that she just looked like Violet with a a wig on and that wasn’t going to be good enough.

rupauls drag race speedo spoof 2015

Katya said her group’s performance just looked disorganized and she was worried about what RuPaul and Michelle would think about that.

On Elimination Day, Kennedy talked about her “sister” Sahara, and how they met in high school, since both of them were interested in being a drag queen. She then confessed that her “sister” had gotten sick and passed away and Kennedy wasn’t able to attend the funeral.

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Jessica Alba was introduced as one of this week’s guest judges, joining fellow guest judge Lucien as well as the panel of regulars. For the runway competition the drag queens had to dress all in green. Each drag queen came out and walked the runway in their green outfits and Pearl said that she was slithering rather than strutting because her costume had a snake like quality to it, which included very few green elements. Katya was the first drag queen to walk the runway in a dress that was 100% green. Jaiyden came out in a green camouflage type outfit in bright neon green. Violet came out in a very skimpy outfit with a lime green feather wrap and RuPaul compared her to a “roadrunner showgirl.”

After each drag queen walked the runway the music videos each team did were shown for the judges. RuPaul then announced Kennedy Davenport had won the challenge for the week. Pearl was told by the judges that she needed to loosen up and Trixie was told she wasn’t standing out from the other drag queens. After the judges deliberated on the remaining drag queens RuPaul announced that she had made her decision. She then brought the drag queens back out and stated that Pearl and Trixie were up for elimination. RuPaul give Pearl and Trixie their last chance to impress her by battling to see which one could lip sync the best. Afterwards RuPaul eliminated Trixie from the competition.

This came as a shock to everyone, especially her. “I was literally shocked,” Mattel admitted. “My parody video was funny- I came up with the concept and wrote a lot of the lyrics- my green runway was beautiful, and I slayed in my lipsync! So even after watching the episode, I still don’t understand it. Maybe I stumbled into some unflattering fluorescent lighting.”

Mattel was up against Pearl for elimination in the last episode, which may have been extra surprising since Pearl is another critically acclaimed contestant. So when it came down to the two of them, Mattel admitted that she didn’t want things to go down like that especially since she and Pearl are friends.

“It was rude. It shouldn’t have happened,” the former contestant said. “I don’t even understand why I was in the bottom.”

Check out the full episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked Spoof below: