Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna baby mill starts & Mark Ruffalo found blizzard wallet

rob kardashian blac cyna baby mill starts 2016 gossip

Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna baby mill starts 2016 gossipDespite going through a rough time with his personal health (as he was just recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes), Rob Kardashian does have at least one thing to be happy about. It has now been revealed that Rob has been dating Blac Chyna, who just so happens to be the mother to Tyga’s son (Note: Tyga is Kylie Jenner’s (possibly ex) boyfriend).

While they haven’t publicly confirmed the romance themselves, sources close to both stars claim that they have been together for a while now. However, some people who are close to Rob are a bit worried about the relationship. One source explained that some people are “concerned” about Rob dating Blac Chyna “during a weak time” in his life. In addition, some speculate that Blac Chyna may be using Rob to not only gain some fame for herself but also to get back at his younger sister Kylie.

Nonetheless, the two seem to be enjoying each others’ company and further fuelled dating rumours after Blac Chyna took to her Instagram to share a photo of her cuddling up to Rob’s tattooed arm. Alongside the affectionate photo, Blac Chyna captioned, “The beginning.”

Blac Chyna, Instagram picture:

black chyna rob kardashian bulge rumor 2016 gossipNeedless to say, we will have to wait and see what Rob’s sisters and mother Kris Jenner think of his unexpected blossoming relationship.

rob kardashian blac chyna baby seat rumor 2016 gossipNow either Rob Kardashian is trying to be funny on Instagram or he will be setting Kris Jenner into an early stroke by insinuating that Blac Chyna is out buying a baby seat for their new Kardashian to hit the world. Blac Chyna will have easily hit the jackpot if this is the case, but can you imagine the drama at all those holiday get togethers!

mark ruffalo lost blizzard wallet found 2016 gossipObviously, there are plenty of perks to being a celebrity. You are often showered with gifts, money and awesome experiences that the regular Joe would kill for. Thus, Mark Ruffalo’s latest incident further cements that celebrities’ lifestyles are definitely enviable to say the least.

On Saturday afternoon, the Hulk star tweeted out that he misplaced his wallet and cellphone while out-and-about during the severe winter storm (Jonas) that hit the east coast. Mark posted, “APB out for a cell phone in a wallet case out on the streets of NYC in a blizzard. My driver’s license is in there. Reward and signed pic.”

Mark Ruffalo, Twitter post:

Immediately, fans were ready to sweep the streets and help the actor find his belongings. Despite the fact that the phone was dead, and Mark was unable to use the “Find My Phone” tracking feature, it was only a matter of minutes (18 to be exact) until someone reached out to Mark to let him know that his phone and wallet case had been found.

Clearly relieved, Mark posted, “OMG It was just found. That was freaking fast. Thanks for helping me find it!!!”

Mark Ruffalo, Twitter post:

He went on to identify the lucky fans that were able to find his things and thank them publicly for all 2.1 million of his followers to see. Mark gushed, “Thank Amenaide and Catherine Brown for finding my phone and wallet! Thanks Brown family for your decency.”

Mark Ruffalo, Twitter post:

Mark has had a pretty good track record with being able to recover his lost possessions. Back in 2014, a follower on Twitter reached out to Mark as well after he left his wallet in a Chicago taxi. Essentially being an international celebrity means that you don’t have to fret if you happen to be a bit careless with your personal items – besides, you pretty much have a search crew of millions at your fingertips whenever you need it (i.e. your fans/followers).