‘Rob & Chyna’ 103 Going down to Chyna-Town aka Meeting Mommy

rob & chyna going down to chynatown aka meeting mommy 2016 images

'Rob & Chyna' 103 Going down to Chyna-Town aka Meeting Mommy 2016 images

This week, E! aired the 3rd episode of its latest reality series Rob & Chyna, titled “Going Down to Chyna-town,”. In it, Rob and Chyna attend Khloe’s birthday party. Afterward, Rob and Chyna head to Washington, D.C. and Rob finally meets Chyna’s parents.

The episode kicks off with Chyna calling back her mother, Tokyo Toni, who lives in Washington, D.C. During their conversation, Chyna reveals that she and Rob are planning to travel out to D.C. soon in order for Rob to meet Tokyo Toni and her father, Eric.

Afterward, Rob drops by Chyna’s house, and they talk about their impending plans. Chyna reminds Rob that they are going to D.C. soon and gets him to promise her that he will come, as she fears that he will back out at the last minute (like he did in last week’s episode when Chyna went to do an appearance in Cannes). Rob assures her that he will be coming to D.C., but he also admits that he is not completely sold on the idea of going to Khloe’s birthday party. Chyna tells him that both Khloe and Kim personally invited her to go, so she thinks it is important for her to attend. She then tries to convince Rob to join her, telling him, “Khloe would love for you to be there.” While Rob still feels uneasy about being around so many people, he eventually complies and tells Chyna he will go to Khloe’s party with her.

Soon enough, Rob and Chyna head to Dave & Busters’ Arcade, where Khloe’s birthday party is being held. All of the party guests, especially Rob’s family members, light up when they see Rob and Chyna walk through the venue’s front doors. Almost immediately Rob feels overwhelmed by all of the people, pictures and attention. He tells the confessional, “Everyone’s swarming Chyna and I. It’s all love, but it’s just exactly what I did not want. I just feel a lot of eyes are on me, and I wish everything could be normal ad we just focus on Khloe.” Rob tries to have a good time, but he ends up leaving the party after about an hour (and Chyna leaves with him). Chyna confesses that she was still enjoying herself at the event, but she also wanted to be supportive of Rob and acknowledge the fact that he stepped outside of his comfort zone for her.

Next, Chyna and Rob fly to D.C., which is where Chyna grew up. When they touch down in D.C., Chyna takes Rob on a quick tour of where she went to school and where she used to live. As they pass by Chyna’s old house, Chyna winds up stopping and talking to the current owner. While Chyna is happy to engage with people from her old community, Rob admits that he feels uncomfortable and “out of [his] element.”

Later during their trip, Rob and Chyna go to dinner with Chyna’s mother, father and 3 of her half siblings. Chyna informs Rob that her parents haven’t seen each other in nearly a decade.

rob kardashian hangs with momma chyna

Things at the dinner are tense when Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni sits down at the table. Since she hasn’t seen her ex (Chyna’s father) Eric in many years, she begins questioning him about all of his children. She is visibly outraged when she learns that Chyna is the same age as 2 of Eric’s other kids (i.e. Eric was cheating on Tokyo at the time Chyna was conceived). Eric tells Tokyo that she has a “little attitude problem,” which prompts her to storm off. Fortunately, Chyna is able to run after her and calm her down. Subsequently, the mood at the table lightens, and Rob admits that he is relieved to see Chyna’s family having a good time with him.

After dinner, Chyna brings Rob and her family to “Sensationals,” the strip club she got her start at. In confessional, Chyna explains, “I’m proud of where I came from and I just wanted to show Rob what I had to go through and the environment I had to be in to make me this person.” As time goes by, Rob begins feeling more and more comfortable. In confessional, he says that he admires how Chyna owns every aspect of who she is (including her past career as an exotic dancer).

The next day, Rob and Chyna go to buy some fresh crab for them to cook later. While they are out, numerous fans ask Rob for pictures. Surprisingly Rob complies and notes that he has come to realize that he really needs to step outside of his comfort zone.

Lastly, the crew hit up a local bowling alley where Chyna reunites with her D.C. best friend, Treasure. Unfortunately, Treasure isn’t too fond of Chyna’s new “L.A. friends” and ends up being notably sassy towards Paige (one of Chyna’s “entourage” members of L.A.). In confessional, Chyna admits that she is surprised it is her friends who are bringing the drama and not her parents.

A few days later, Chyna, Rob, Chyna’s family and some of her friends head to a 4th of July party. Chyna winds up pulling Paige and Treasure aside, as she wants to get them to make up following their previous little spat. Fortunately, Paige and Treasure are able to find some common ground and hug it out.

You can catch more Rob & Chyna next Sunday, October 2 on E!

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