RHOA Ep 719: Peace Abides Without NeNe Leakes

happy endings for real housewives of atlanta without nene leakes 2015

real housewives of atlanta ep 719 recap images 2015

The Real Housewives of Atlanta really brought it last night. If you remember last week, the ladies were finally getting along. To the point that there was laughing, happiness and a calm that was almost so eerie you kind of thought to yourself, “What the hell am I watching.” It was refreshing and it was a glimmer of hope that showed women really can get past their bullshit.

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Claudia Jordan and Cynthia Bailey go to get Kenya who is still maxing and relaxing in the pool. They talk about the night before and all that went on and specifically touched on the fact that Phaedra and Kenya Moore agreed to have a conversation about their issues.  They gather their stuff together to get ready and leave the farm and to go onto Manila.

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They all meet together in the lobby and head to their next destination. So far so good and the Zen spirit is very much still alive amongst all the women. RHOA get to their room and it is a presidential suite with all the amenities (I mean did we really expect anything less).

Phaedra Parks expresses some hesitation in her interview about going through with meeting with Kenya. “I am having such a good time I don’t want to reunion it with a level of crazy.” Although she expressed this, she didn’t back out of it which is a show of growth.

nene leakes with cinderella costumer real housewives of atlanta 2015

Back in the states in New York, we see NeNe and Greg meeting with the costumer people for her show on Broadway. She tries on the different outfits and they are very pretty.  NeNe of course shows her color by breaking it down in one of the dresses because as Greg puts it, “Baby got back” with the renaissance styled attire

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The women take a bus to their first destination in Manila and the spirit of love and togetherness is still lingers. Porsha and Demetria have a twerking contest and according to Kandi, Demetria is the best dancer out everyone but Porsha clearly has the most ass, “So it’s kind of a tie.”

The girls go horseback riding and Porsha is dressed like a sexy, warrior, gladiator woman. I am not sure why but she is and it just doesn’t go. But, they are all having a nice time, even though it starts to rain. They take the horses up the volcano to an absolutely beautiful view. They have some more fun and Porsha, the queen of THOTlandia of course is the center of attention. Here we see them still close and still willing to get put their differences behind them.

porsha with claudia jordan haning out for real housewives of atlanta manilla 2015

After they finish on the mountain, later that night Claudia organizes a slumber party for them in her room. During this time too, Phaedra and Kenya meet for their long awaited talk. During her prep time, Ms. Parks speaks to The Apostle back in Georgia about her upcoming conversation and he gives her some advice about how to proceed with it. She listens to what he has to say and vows not to lose her cool.

kenya moore talking to phaedra parks intense real housewives of atlanta 2015

Back in Claudia’s room, they continue to laugh and the big thing to point out here is that there wasn’t even any shade being thrown. We see everyone’s “slumber attire” and once again, Porsha comes with the skank in a hot pink baby doll cami that shows just about everything she has to offer.

Kenya finally makes it to Phaedra’s room and the energy is every real. They both are solemn and this is probably one of the first times this season where you can honestly feel that the characters really want to make some progress in their “relationships” with one another.

This is a very important moment because it shows how powerful women can be when they put aside their issues, listen and support each. Kenya starts it off by asking Phaedra to be very open with her about how she feels. Phaedra takes the opportunity to bring up some of the things that has bothered her with Kenya over the past two years that they have been beefing. She also talks about how the weight of everything that she is going through has played a big role just in her overall attitude. With Apollo going to jail, dealing with her children essentially losing their father, it was all just too much for her.

phaedra parks sad for kenya rhoa manilla 2015

Kenya opens up about the hurt that she felt when the rumors about her and Apollo started swirling. She was hurt to her core that Phaedra immediately and without even really finding out if it is true, started calling her a whore and tarnishing her reputation.  “I felt like you were trying to destroy me.”

They each share how they felt about that situation and other situations and both said that they want to put all that has happened behind them. The ladies agree to move forward to start building the relationship that they once were in the process of creating. Phaedra invites her to church and they pray, holding hands. It was a very sweet moment.

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The episode ends with the ladies having one last meal together. Claudia asks if anyone has spoken to NeNe which Porsha had. The other ladies are quiet as she says that NeNe expressed her excitement about how well it was going for them. Um yea right NaNa.

happy endings for real housewives of atlanta without nene leakes 2015

We are not too far away from the reunion episode, which we know is going to be filled with drama. Andy Cohen has already let it out that NeNe Leakes walks out again when the fingers start pointing at her again. For someone who loves pointing fingers NeNe Leakes only likes pointing fingers when they agree with her.