RHOA Ep 15 Season 7: Whoreocracy & Phaedra’s Chocolate Lust

phaedra hits kenya moore with purse real housewives of atlanta 2015

RHOA Ep 15 Season 7 Whoreocracy & Phaedras Chocolate Lust

We are back from last week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta break and things just pick up right where they left off.

phaedra parks free of apollo real housewives of atlanta 2015

Apollo reports to prison as he is about to “go asunder.” We see that Phaedra who was fearful for her safety, checked herself, kids and assistant into a hotel. Since her husband is finally in prison, things are “sorta bittersweet” as she returns back to the house.  Also, because there has been so much “turmoil” she feels like the house needs to be exorcised so she calls for “the apostle.” She tells her assistant “I’m just happy it’s over.” But is it really?

phaedra has house blessed by crazy apostle priest rhoa 2015

Later, Apostle Thaddeus and his wife come to the house to “pray” over it and to get out any spirits that were left with Apollo leaving. This part of the episode is just too much. They are laying hands on furniture, speaking in tongues and quoting scripture. I mean, I was raised apostolic, which is what the Apostle seems to be, so I get it. But it all just feels contrived for the sake of the episode and I think that is wrong.

kandi todd talk sex marriage on rhoa 2015

Anyway, Todd, who is finally back from L.A. meets Kandi the Factory and an obvious sexually frustrated Kandi goes straight to it and asks him if he has been “grinding” anyone else. She then says that she wants to go to a therapist. He looks at her like she’s crazy and asks what are they going to talk about in therapy. She says their sex life mostly. He reluctantly says yes. She asks him if they can have sex more than once a week. Then he says let’s face it, “I’m not Tyson Beckford and you’re not Rihanna” Um what? What the fuck does that mean? That was totally the wrong thing to say.

kenya moore reacts to phaedra affair on real housewives of atlanta 2015

The Team Kenya meets for a wine tasting. Here Cynthia takes the time to tell the ladies about Apollo finding the text messages Phaedra sent to “Chocolate.” Kenya gets super upset because Phaedra calls the girls out about being whores but she is having an affair while still married. We also see all the times in the past where Phaedra has lied or been two faced which is another issues they have with her.

kenya moore cries over whoreocracy

Kandi visits Phaedra to see how she is and to get to the bottom of what happened with Apollo. Phaedra tells her that NeNe has called her pretty much every day since the whole situation which takes Kandi aback because she takes NeNe with a grain of salt. She invites Phaedra to a dinner with all the ladies later the night just to catch up.

phaedra telling kandi to stuff it on rhoa 2015

At this dinner ALL of the RHOA ladies show up including Porsha, Demetria and NeNe. You know this is going to be something because the last time they were all together was in Puerto Rico and we all remember how that went. For the life of me though, I don’t understand how they can be so fake with each other (I guess it’s all about that money). Like, I would be sick to my stomach sitting there eating and putting up the façade for the cameras.

phaedra hits kenya moore with purse real housewives of atlanta 2015

While they are eating Cynthia dives right in and brings up Apollo, tiptoeing around the whole Chocolate text message thing. And literally you can cut the tension with a knife. She finally says  to Phaedra that Apollo told Peter she was cheating/ Phaedra brings Kenya’s name in about some situation with an African and text messages. Kenya is not having the pointing of fingers any longer and reads her. Phaedra jumps up and lunges at her with her pocketbook and Porsha quickly pulls her off. She along with NeNe walk Phaedra out. Kandi hurriedly follows after them.

phaedra kenya catfight hits real housewives of atlanta 2015 images

Back at the table, Team Kenya can’t believe what just happened. They walk out while Team Phaedra is still outside talking about everything and there is another confrontation. “Girl don’t let them over here cause I’m going to slap the shit out of her.” Phaedra is obviously pissed off because she can’t stop slinging threats. “These hens can cluck all they want I’m not afraid to take them to the slaughterhouse… they got me fucked up.” Um okay Phaedra, didn’t you just get finished praying and casting out demons?

claudia jordan ready for phedra fight on real housewives of atlanta 2015

Then it just goes south. They bring up NeNe calling Claudia a whore in Puerto Rico and everyone else being called a whore at some point and time throughout the history of the show. For the most part, I understand what the issue is. Team Kenya doesn’t like the fact that Phaedra and her followers call everyone a whore when it seems based on the alleged text messages that Apollo has been circulating, that she is just as much a whore. I will say that the way Cynthia brought it up at the table was very passive and weak. She stuttered the whole time and wouldn’t just spit it out. It is clear that the producers told her to bring it up because it looked like she didn’t really want to. NeNe made a good point too (can you believe that) when she said that nobody wants to discuss their husband with people they don’t know meaning with bitches who aren’t your friends.

team kenya talks out with nene leakes 2015 rhoa

In the end, Kenya stands her ground telling Phaedra that she is wrong and she’s a cheater and as Cynthia (or one of them) put it, “You need to be able to have a conversation and you need to be able to tell the truth.” Team Phaedra dismisses themselves while Team Kenya is still talking and get into their respective cars to leave.

The drama was super high tonight and trust and believe, it will be just as juicy next week.