‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ 611 Cryo Lisa & Erika Jayne lovefest begins

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 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 611 Please Welcome Erika Jayne! Recap

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was all about the newest – and arguably the best – housewife in the cast, Erika. In “Please Welcome Erika Jayne!” the housewives go to one of Erika’s racy performances and finally get to see Erika in her superstar element.

lisa vanderpump croyotherpy rhobh

The episode kicks off with Yolanda Foster dragging Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle to her Cryotherapist. For those of you who are like me and have no idea what that means, Cryotherapy is a treatment in which you are put in an ice-cold chamber that freezes you into (supposedly) better health.

Meanwhile Erika is gearing up for her big San Diego party. With the help of her manager she plans a c-word themed outfit (with a explicit necklace) that she is hoping will get under Kathryn’s skin (who went off on Erika for using the c-word in the last episode).

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Back to Lisa V., Kyle and Yolanda, who are now at lunch following their ice-cold treatment. They begin talking about Erika’s upcoming performance, which prompts Yolanda to reveal she is not going as she is still healing. Afterwards, Kyle brings up the whole Munchausen Syndrome comment that has been swirling around thanks to Lisa R. Kyle reassures Yolanda that both her and Lisa V. know that she has “been struggling” and her condition is not merely a figment of her imagination. Yolanda then brings up the comment she was told Lisa V. made about her kids, Anwar and Bella, not really having Lyme disease. Yolanda then springs out her kids’ medical records and adamantly tells Lisa V. to read them. Although Lisa V. says she isn’t interested, Yolanda insists and tells her that if she did in fact question Anwar and Bella’s condition she should read the documents and then apologize to them. Lisa doesn’t end up taking the documents, but both her and Kyle are furious that Lisa R. was blabbing to Yolanda about them.

On the other side of the city, Kathryn and Eileen meet up for a lunch. Of course, the two bland housewives immediately hit it off. The only thing that is mildly interesting is their conversation about Kathryn’s ex Marcus Allen. Relevantly enough, Marcus happens to be involved in the whole O.J. situation. Marcus is a former football player and friend of O.J.’s, who gained ample notoriety when it was revealed that he was having an affair with the late Nicole Brown Simpson.

While Erika and her crew head to San Diego on her luxurious, champagne-filled tour bus, the rest of the ladies (Lisa R., Lisa V., Kathryn, Kyle, and Eileen) take a limo. Inevitably Lisa V. ends up confronting Lisa R. about what she said to Yolanda. Lisa R. claims she never said anything about her or Kyle. They eventually come to the conclusion that someone else must be trying to cause some internal group drama.

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Once the crew arrives to their lavish hotel they all settle in. Before the night’s festivities, Eileen pops by Lisa R.’s room. Eileen and Lisa R. discuss the whole Yolanda gossip situation. Lisa R. tells Eileen that she thinks its Erika who has been stirring the pot and relaying unfavorable stories about the other housewives to Yolanda.

Later in the evening the party arrives at the gay club where Erika is performing. The ladies are both disturbed and pleasantly surprised to see dozens of nearly naked beefy men prancing around. Eventually Erika Jayne takes the stage and its fair to say she lived up to expectations. Although Lisa V. wasn’t quite in her element, the other women seemed to thoroughly enjoy their night. Lisa R. even claims that Erika could be the next Britney.

After the performance all of the girls join Erika and her entourage on her tour bus. The ladies all congratulate Erika on a successful night. However, Kathryn can’t help but criticize Erika’s c-word necklace, which Erika ferociously defends.

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The girls then arrive back at the hotel and Lisa R ends up confronting Erika about the whole Yolanda situation. Lisa R. asks Erika if she was the one to tell Yolanda that Lisa V. said that her kids aren’t sick. However, Erika tells Lisa that she had no part in telling Yolanda that. Eileen tries to get in the middle of everything and proceeds to passive-aggressively push the blame onto Erika.

In confessional Erika says point blank that she was the one to tell Yolanda. However, she is celebrating her performance and refuses to give in to the other ladies’ cattiness.

Unfortunately this spat develops into a yelling match, as Erika pleas them to move on and stop stressing over “who-said-what.” All of the women are curious why Erika wants to avoid the subject, but they eventually agree to move on (for now).

You can catch more housewife drama next Tuesday, February 16 on Bravo.

Next Week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

The women attend a brunch at Kathryn’s house. Eileen gets a full-on diva makeover from Erika. Kyle gets advice from a friend about her sister Kim and the whole Munchausen speculation is resurrected at Erika’s pool party.