‘Real Housewives of New York City’ 811 Invitation Interrupted aka Skinny Girl gets bigger

real housewives of new york 811 invitation interrupted aka skinny girl gets bigger 2016 images

real housewives of new york 811 invitation interrupted aka skinny girl gets bigger 2016 images

Season 8 of Real Housewives of New York City continued with this week’s all-new episode, “Invitation Interrupted.” In it, Lu Ann makes a huge announcement, while Bethenny invites some of her fellow cast mates on a tequila tour in Mexico.

The episode opens up with Lu Ann and Sonja hanging out in Sonja’s New York apartment. Sonja is busy getting Lu Ann up-to-date with the nonexistent confrontation she had with Bethenny at Ramona’s holiday party. Sonja explains that while she is ready to make amends with Bethenny, Bethenny is clearly not on the same page. The conversation then transitions to being about Lu Ann’s love life, as she gushes about her new beau Tom. Eerily enough, Tom just so happens to be one of Sonja’s hook up pals, and therefore, she is incredibly shocked when Lu Ann calls him her soul mate. Although they have only been exclusive for about 6 weeks, Lu Ann tells Sonja that they are planning to get married. Sonja puts on a fake smile and congratulates Lu Ann on her happiness, but she is clearly freaked out over how fast Lu Ann and Tom’s relationship is progressing.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the other housewives gather for a small get-together Bethenny planned to announce her latest business venture. Bethenny tells the women that she will soon be developing a tequila drink to incorporate into her “Skinny Girl” empire. She then invites them all to Mexico so they can help her do some “research” for her business. After some discussion, the group comes to the conclusion that it would be best not to invite Lu Ann and Sonja on the trip.

A little bit later into the episode, Sonja is seen meeting up at a nail salon with Dorinda. Dorinda and Sonja begin discussing the current crazy dynamic within the group. Dorinda tells Sonja that while Ramona may seem all “lovey-dovey” with her, Sonja should be weary of what Ramona’s true intentions are. Dorinda also brings up Bethenny’s Mexico trip and warns Sonja that she (and Lu Ann) will most likely not be invited. Sonja is notably upset about once again being excluded and tries to understand why there is so much tension between her and Bethenny. Dorinda explains that it is mostly because of the whole “Tipsy Girl” thing and advises Sonja to drop the whole venture. Unfortunately, Sonja is already in a contract with her partners, and they have invested time and effort into trademarking and branding the “Tipsy Girl” name.

Lu Ann drops by Ramona’s apartment, where she is busy testing out hair extensions from a company she just recently partnered up with. While getting their hair done up with tape-in extensions, the duo begins discussing Lu Ann’s strained relationship with both Carole and Bethenny. Lu Ann tells Ramona that she thinks that everything is all settled between the three of them. Unfortunately, Ramona knows the truth as she was there when both Bethenny and Carole were extremely vocal about not wanting to invite Lu Ann on their upcoming Mexico trip. In confessional, Ramona jokes, “I don’t know where Lu Ann is – obviously, she can’t read a room. And I am not about to tell her that I was just with Carole and Bethenny and they do not want her on [the Mexico] trip.”  Afterwards, Lu Ann inevitably begins gushing about her man Tom. She reveals that she had a fortuneteller come over to her house and tell her that she was going to meet her soul mate within two weeks of her visit. Lu Ann went on to explain that she subsequently met Tom, who she is now planning to wed. At first Ramona puts on a smiley face, however, she decides to come clean to Lu about her true feelings. Ramona tells Lu Ann that Tom isn’t all he is cracked up to be. She claims that he calls his ex every day and tells her he still loves her. Lu Ann right away shuts down Ramona’s accusations and bluntly states, “I don’t believe it.”

Jules and her husband Michael meet up with Dorinda and John for a dinner date. Jules looks notably upset and stressed out, as she immediately complains to Dorinda about Michael’s lack of support. She tells her, “I came home last night to two kids in dirty diapers.” Shortly after, Dorinda takes the initiative to try and reason with Michael and get him to realize that he needs to put more effort into his family life – especially with Jules’ father being so ill. Unfortunately, Jules and Michael’s marital issues continued on after the filming of this season, as they just announced that they are getting a divorce.

rhonyc bethenny frankel listening for once invitation interrupted

Lastly, the episode ends off with an unexpected dinner meet-up between Lu Ann and Bethenny. Nearly seconds after Bethenny sits down, Lu Ann exclaims that she has met her “soul mate.” Bethenny looks mortified as Lu Ann admits that it only took a week for her to say ‘I love you” to her man, Tom. In confessional, Bethenny says arguably the best line of the season, as she jokes that Lu Ann is in the “chia pet” of relationships – i.e. “you add water and all of sudden there is, like, an Afro.” After fake congratulating Lu Ann, Bethenny tries to leave after explaining she has not been feeling well over the past few days. Unfortunately before Bethenny can make her exit, Lu Ann brings up the whole Mexico trip. She blatantly asks if she is invited to go on the girls’ getaway. In confessional, Bethenny admits that she thought she was going to end up inviting Lu Ann on the trip, however after sitting down with her she realizes that she’d rather “spend time with an ogre.” Bethenny tries to avoid the topic, however Lu Ann is persistent. In the end, Lu Ann pretty much invites herself on the trip and leaves Bethenny in complete shock.

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