‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 8 Reunion Pt 1: Kenya needs a break from the shade

real housewives of atlanta reunion part one kandi 2016 images


We are just getting started with the three-part Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion and things heat up, finally.

Let me begin by saying that Kenya must have had an extra glass of  “feeling myself” juice. In the first part of the season eight reunion, this woman puts herself on a pedestal more so than usual. Throughout the entire episode, she refers to herself in a way that frames her the most accomplished person on the stage. And her constant questioning of Kim Fields’ body of work is absurd.

Let’s talk about Kim. I am sure she tried her best this season, and she was a great sport. But you know, I know, and I am quite sure she knows, that this show is not for her. Andy even puts it out to the other ladies, asking them specifically if they think she’s a fit and all of them say no. Kenya is the most emphatic saying that Kim thinks she’s better than the rest of the girls and is condescending. Porsha also mentions that she felt the former child star was judgmental in the beginning but wants everyone to know how much she loves her. Awwww, that’s sweet.

For those that speculated the drama between Kim and Kenya was/is fake, we clearly see from the reunion that it is not (that or these two chicks are great actors). Every chance Kenya gets she says something to or about Kim, and spends the whole night interrupting everyone. Andy “reads” her a couple of times for her behavior. Like when she throws a jab at Kim, calling her a child star and that she worked a lot in the 90’s; Andy reminds her that she was Miss America in the 90’s. Kenya is also extremely rude, texting Matt DURING the tapping because he couldn’t find the room with the food or some nonsense like that.

Kenya doesn’t like to admit when she is wrong. She throws so much shade at Kim that it’s at the point of foolery. She continually compares her “career” to Kim’s. But the whole world knows that her “career,” which she claims spans 30 years, cannot touch Kim’s. And the fact that she cannot admit that and relentlessly maintains that they are equal is immature, petty and reaching.

From there, Kenya gets nasty and really shows how stuck up she truly is. She tells Kim that she’s the reason she is on the show in the first place, so she should be thankful to her. Kenya tells her and everyone else, that the Real Housewives of Atlanta is HER stage, she’s the star, and Kim Fields is the lowest person on the totem pole. This particular segment is funny too because the other ladies’ gasp in shock at Kenya’s comments. Porsha even whispers to Phaedra, “She paying her” when Kenya says that Kim is in her purse. Can someone please get Ms. Moore some work so she can give off her high horse?

real housewives of atlanta reunion part one kandi 2016 images

Another heated moment comes when Andy brings up the status of Kandi and Phaedra’s relationship. Phaedra feels like she has taken every step she can to be in a better place with her former best friend. But Kandi’s position on the subject is a little different. She believes that they both want to move forward, but there are too many personal things standing in their way. Like Todd keeping Apollo’s things in their house, which Kandi claims she had no idea her friend did know. Also, Kandi checks Phaedra about having Todd’s name in her mouth, saying to her “don’t come for her husband.” Furthermore, she tells her to be truthful about the situation with her pregnancy video. Apparently, at the time of Kandi’s video release party where Don Juan got up in Porsha and Phaedra’s asses, she had not paid Todd all of his money as she claimed. In fact, according to Kandi, Phaedra just paid him the rest of what she owed a week before they filmed the reunion.

Then there is Porsha and for some reason, Kenya keeps bringing up the physical altercations she’s gotten into on the show. However, when Andy asks her if pulling Kim’s chair from under her in Jamaica resembles Porsha’s actions, she vehemently explains how they are not the same. Now, let’s put some things in perspective here. The only reason things didn’t pop off when Kenya did that is because it was Kim. If it were anyone else, the situation would have been totally different, and Porsha reminds her of that fact.

“You pushed her to a breaking point and didn’t get the reaction you deserved.”

Which brings me to the other issue with Kenya- she is a bully. She maintains that she’s not, even when Porsha and Phaedra list all the ways in which she is a bully. Apparently, she is the one who has been bullied nonstop on the show. You know, one of the signs of a narcissist is that they are never wrong and are always the victim. I am just going to leave that right here.

The other thing they talk about is Porsha and Shamea shading Kenya’s product during her launch and guess what. Remember how Shamea clowned her for having water in the displays? There actually was water in the displays. Yes, Kenya put H2O on the tables instead of actual product. No comment.

real housewives of atlanta season 8 reunion 2016 imagesFinally, you know how Kim was the boring one throughout the season? Well, Cynthia is a total snooze fest in the first part of the reunion. The camera barely pans to her. When she does speak, her answers are boring, short and safe.

In the end, Kenya and Kim having a yelling match and we see Miss Tootie buck at her nemesis; which is good, but a little too late. I’m sure she won’t be returning next season. But that’s just my two cents.

Part one gives us some nuggets to chew on and part two looks to serve up some juicy meat with husbands/partners joining the ladies on the stage next week.