‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ quiet finale but reunion brings on drama & Kim Fields out

real housewives of atlanta finale pics 2016 images

real housewives of atlanta finale pics 2016 images

It’s another season under the belt for the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and while number eight was calmer than usual, it gave us a few memorable moments.

This week’s episode continues the humdrum norm of this season- fake friendliness and shady interactions. The ladies, for the most part, played nice this go round and any conflict that arose, no matter how intense, was resolved. Well, except for Kenya and Kim’s issues because the former beauty queen is just too damn petty.

Phaedra throws a Christmas party and enlists the help of Dwight, her event planner friend, to ensure the shindig is everything. She then gets a visit from Porsha, who tells her that the Feds raided Kandi and Todd’s house for Apollo’s stuff. Phaedra acts like she doesn’t know anything about it but come on Phae, are you that upset with your former best friend that you call the feds on her? She wants us to believe she had nothing to do with it, but we all know that is bullshit.

As for Porsha, she drags her sister Lauren with her to the doctor. Porsha’s storyline was thin this season, and it’s clear she had to find some kind of angle to keep herself in the loop. Along with her relationships, she touched on her desire to have a baby. So during her visit to the doctor, she checks on the status of an ultrasound she had done to ensure her fibroids did not come back, as it could prevent her from having kids. All you need to know here is, yes, she can have children.

Cynthia and Peter continue to reignite their love life, so she sets up the living room like a massage parlor. When her husband comes home, she starts the session. Peter too happily undresses for the massage. Now let me say this, I am all about having some fun with your man and role-playing, but this was just awkward. I mean to sit and watch her rub all on him, try to mount him and proceed to give him a “happy ending” just felt weird. Like, cringe-worthy weird. I was actually embarrassed for her that she allowed the producers to talk her into doing this. Then, Noelle “suddenly” shows up with her father? It looked like Leon didn’t want to be on camera either. The whole scene just didn’t feel right.

Kandi and Todd visit his mother’s grave. It’s been a year since she died and Todd misses her dearly. Not only is he a momma’s boy, but also his mother was a big supporter of he and Kandi having a baby. They share a sweet moment by her graveside.

Kenya and Matt are still going strong as Matt continues to prove why Kenya needs him. He shows up at her house with two brand new puppies, which makes her gush all the more. She goes through her closet trying to find something to wear for Phaedra’s party, and here we find out that the Feds showed up at Cynthia and Peter’s house too. Doesn’t it seem a little odd that authorities knew where to look for Apollo’s stuff?

kenya moore grinch for real housewives of atlanta 2016 images

It’s time for the big Christmas party and the whole crew shows up. Kim, who isn’t given any individual time this episode like that other cast members, arrives with her husband Chris, who is on the program to perform. Sheree shows up and so does her ex-husband Bob. It is evident that he’s trying to get back into her life. They have a tense moment with Tammy (remember her from the trip to Miami) when Sheree confronts Bob about the two of them supposedly sleeping together. Bob pretty much confirms that he lied, as he has nothing to say with the two women in front of him. He later tries to smooth talk Sheree into giving him another chance, and she reluctantly gives him a kiss.


The only thing that happens at the party worth mentioning is it was relatively dry for the most part, is Kenya coming in dressed like the Grinch (green face and all) and confronting Phaedra. Right in front of Cynthia and Sheree, she asks her frienemy about the Feds showing up at Cyn’s and Kandi’s doors. Phaedra reveals that she more than likely ratted on them by simply pardoning herself from the conversation when asked if she knew anything about it. Her excuse? She had to go and start the program.

real housewives of atlanta reunion part 1 kim fields lash 2016They dance, they take pictures, and that’s the end of it all. The reunion is next week, and it looks to bring all the drama that’s been missing the entire season. The biggest thing that won’t surprise anyone is that as of now Kim Fields is not looking to make a return to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” as she was basically a placeholder for NeNe Leakes this past season. Now that Queen NeNe can see that the writing is on the wall with her career, she’s coming back running to the show that made her a star.