‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ 816 Turning Over a New Peach Pit

real housewives of atlanta 816 turning over a new peach pit porsha shoot 2016 images

real housewives of atlanta 816 turning over a new peach pit porsha shoot 2016 images

It’s hard to believe that we are only one episode away from the season eight finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Not too much actually happened this week, which makes it feel all the more weird that the season is pretty much over. It has been one of the milder seasons and all things considered, not that exciting. I understand now why the producers were and still are so pressed to bring NeNe back. From Kandi’s blah storyline (and sometimes forgetting she’s even on the show) to Kim Field’s yawn-worthy addition to the franchise, RHOA was just okay this time around; now, on to the recap of this week’s episode.

Kandi Burruss and Todd go to the doctor to see how little Ace Wells Tucker is doing. Momma Joyce also tags along and all we really get from their little five minutes of screen time is that she now, miraculously, loves Todd. Go figure.

kenya moore with matt hottie real housewives of atlanta 816 2016Kenya Moore is drama-less this week spending time with Matt Jordan and getting some advice from her aunt Lori about him. They meet at Kenya’s house, which has come a long way (but still has so much more to go) and Lori doesn’t give a nay or yay about Matt. The two ladies send him off to do “man work” and Kenya tells her aunt how great Matt is. She even admits that one of their biggest arguments was totally her fault, and Matt had the patience to come back (after storming out) and tell her that he’s not leaving because she needs someone who’s going to stay. Well damn, that does sound like a keeper. Later, the lovebirds go to a fondue restaurant and talk about the respective plans for their lives at this moment, which involves Kenya mention that she’s frozen her eggs. From what they share with each other, it sounds like both ideals add up. Maybe this could be a match made in heaven.

kim fields on kenya moore rhoaThen there is Kim Fields and nothing really happens with her (per usual). She has a Skype meeting with her agent who asks if she is going to work on Kenya’s show. She tells him no and proceeds to tell him why. Then Cynthia comes over to view the “mercial” and talk about Kenya. We see a rough cut, and it’s decent. And that’s that on that.

real housewives of atlanta porsha williams photo shootCynthia Bailey later joins Porsha Williams for a photo shoot at her house for her Naked Lingerie. Porsha wants her sexy nightie wear to appeal to “everyday housewives” so she employs women of all sizes and ages to be featured on the site and in catalogues. Being that Cynthia is a former supermodel, and they apparently like each other now, she asks her to join the fun. Porsha has to take care of everything herself because her sister Lauren is going on maternity leave and isn’t there to direct things as she usually does. Porsha is a big girl, though, and handles the photo shoot very well. The only thing they run into is losing the light of the sun outside, so they move the party into the house.

A big chunk of the episode belongs to Phaedra Parks who finally takes the journey to visit her soon to be (maybe, if he signs the papers) ex-husband in prison in Fort Dix. Phaedra, along with her boys and her mother, make the trip and the mom of two shares her feelings about what led her to this moment. One of the things she says empathically is that she doesn’t “give a rat’s patootie” what people have to say about her decision to take or not take her boys to see their father in prison. Most folks who have a judgment about her actions have not been there to help her raise or get through the situation (including Kandi) so she could not care less what they think.

The cameras are not allowed into the facility, but from what Phaedra tells her mother in the car after everything is said and done, it was uneventful. Except for Apollo telling her he’s not signing the divorce papers, which to Phaedra, only shows that he hasn’t changed. Other than that, the kids were not impressed, and Ayden even requested to leave. I guess as children, their attention spans are just too short to take in and understand what’s going on with their father.

real housewives of atlanta finale 817 phaedra christmas

Next week is it and from the looks of the trailer, it may be just as much of a snoozefest as the entire season has been.