POWER 204: You’re the Only Person I Can Trust Recap

power only person i can trust recap images 2015

power recap 204 images 2015This week, shit went down on Power. It was intense, it was sexy and it was sooooo good.

Ghost lies in bed thinking about what happened in Miami. Tasha sees that something is wrong and he confesses to her that he is not the one who killed the girl in Miami. She sits and listens as he tells her that he thinks Kanan is behind everything from the beginning. She asks how he knows and he says because when he asked the girl as she died if Rolo sent her she said no. He tells her that he can’t say anything just yet but is going to paly it cool until he knows for sure.

Kanan hits up his baby momma (Shawn’s mom) for a little something, something. After they get it on with her son in the next room, he asks for his bag of cash. She hands over a huge bag of rolls of money. He opens it, and tosses her a couple (probably about $20,000).

Later he meets up with Tommy and Ghost. Ghost tells him that everything went down the way it should have in Miami with killing the girl with the pink shoes but of course doesn’t mention that he didn’t do it. K and Tommy tell him what went down with killing Q Dubs, which makes Ghost even more suspicious.

Speaking of Tommy, this guy is out of control, head over heels about Holly and he needs to stop. He doesn’t let her leave the house because he wants to protect her, but then goes all the way off when Jorge stops by his place. Tommy wasn’t there, but his bitch let Jorge in and walked around in her panties in front of him. When he finds out he goes and beats him up.

power only person i can trust recap images 2015The passion of the men on this show runs deep and that is especially true for Shawn. Although he and Keisha (La La Anthony) had a real sexy moment at the beginning of the show, with Keisha showing her boobs during the sex scene, that still isn’t enough to keep him away from Tasha. After she finds out that Ghost did go to Miami with Angela, she goes on a rampage. Once she found a receipt in his coat and called the hotel (who spilt the beans by asking her how her massage was) she changes the code so that Ghost can’t get in. She later confronts Shawn about knowing and he says he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to hurt her. They end up kissing and almost doing it but are interrupted by Tasha’s momma duties.

When Ghost arrives and is told about the code changed, he goes off. Because Tasha doesn’t answer her phone or the house phone, he calls Tariq and Tasha takes it. She tells him that she knows he went to Miami with Angela and he’s speechless.

Then there IS Angela. She presents her findings to the big boys about Tommy being Ghost and they let her back on the case. Greg takes over during the meeting and pulls out pictures of possible people to look at in connection with Tommy and… yep you guessed it… Jamie St. Patrick…a.k.a Ghost is one of them. Her heart stops.

In the meantime, while dealing with getting kicked out of the house and Kanan going after him, Stern has assigned a Vibe Magazine event to Ghost with pretty much no budget. He is faced with making that a success as it will put him one step closer to getting Truth back.

Ghost tells Jorge to get the chicks and people together to make the event pop and he does. While that is going on, he tries to mend things with Tasha by catching her at Tariq’s school. He corners her in the locker room and tells her about his suspicions of Kanan being behind the assassination attempt. And we find out that it is revenge for he and Tasha sending him to prison ten years ago. She almost falls for it until he says he needs to come back home to protect her and the kids. She tells him no and walks out.

power 204 recap your only person to trust 2015 imagesLater that night, Kanan shows up at Tasha’s house with presents for her and the boys. He offers her his dick services, she passes and after he leaves we see she was packing her nine. This is why Ghost needs to keep her. She is too down.

This week, after confronting Kanan and pretty much (in his own way) letting him know that he is low key on to him, he picks up Holly who ran out of Tommy’s place, and gives her money and a ticket to leave. She refuses but that doesn’t stop Ghost. He gives her three days to make it happen and then he’ll take her to the train station because she has to disappear.

In the end, we are not sure what happens with Angela and Ghost as she finds out that Tasha kicked him out AND that he never really planned on leaving her.

It just gets better and better.