‘Paranormal Witness’ 412 Beneath the Rock Recap

paranormal witness 412 beneath the rock 2015 images

paranormal witness 412 beneath the rock 2015 imagesOn this week’s episode of “Paranormal Witness,” Corp. Lena was deployed to Afghanistan with his fellow Marines. They came across a giant rock that had a strange vibe around it. They found a dog they named Betty, and they adopted her as their own. At their post, the men took shifts. Over their radio, they heard a crackling voice that kept fading in and out. They called the base asking if they had sent a message but were told they hadn’t. After turning up the volume on it they thought the batteries in the radio were bad so they changed them.

At their observation post they felt exposed. The trenches weren’t deep enough so the men made them deeper. One of the men hit metal while digging and found an object with Russian writing on it. They found pieces of ceramic pots and cups in the ground. They found a human femur bone also. They put the femur bone back where they found it but everywhere they dug they found more human bones. They realized bodies were buried in the ground and they were on top of a graveyard. Corp. Hoyt said he was the youngest man on the mission and he got very bored overnight because the area was so quiet. Then he started to feel like he was being watched and he became chilly.

Lena heard a scream and went to investigate. Wilson, another soldier, said he didn’t know who had screamed. Hoyt saw something through his binoculars, and they thought someone was taking a shot at them. They gave up on figuring out who, until the next day.

The next day they left their assigned area to explore. That night Zolik, another soldier, said he was sitting and thinking when he was told to put his helmet on. Hours later Zolik felt a cold chill move across him. He said there was no reason why he should have felt cold and that he then felt breath on the side of his face and heard someone whispering into his ear in Russian. He heard a crunching noise that sounded like footsteps above him when he was under their post. Using his thermal scope to scan the top of the base he saw nothing suspicious. He then saw a figure in front of him that he wanted to shoot but when he looked again the figure was gone. He felt the chill again that he had felt before. He said that all of his training wasn’t helping him with this. Zolik said it was a lonely feeling knowing their base camp was haunted so he requested to be transferred to another one.

After Zolik had left the camp, Lena heard a dog barking. He saw something through his binoculars, and it was a figure staring at him. The binoculars were all that allowed him to see the figure. He then felt a tap on his shoulders even though he was alone at the time.

In the middle of the night Hoyt said he heard footsteps but no one was there. Betty was upset and barking and Hoyt didn’t know why. He then heard a crunching noise and something made his skin icy but he couldn’t see anything around. Wilson said he never believed in ghosts. Yet he experienced a sudden cold chill. Then he heard faint whispering but no one was around. The voice kept becoming more distinct until it became very loud.

Their last night at the camp everyone was on edge. Both of their radios stopped working within 10 minutes of each other, and they tried their last batteries on it, which didn’t work. Wilson was waiting to hear whispering in his ear again. A machine gun then went off next to his year and none of them had shot it. They looked for an enemy but there were none to be found. After a shootout at the barracks silence fell. The main base then told them they could leave the area, which made them happy. After wards, two of the corp. that had been there were later killed and another one suffered horrific injuries.