PARANORMAL WITNESS 407 Demon House Recap

paranormal witness 407 demon house recap 2015 iamges

paranormal witness demon house recap images 2015It’s a Demon House on this episode of “Paranormal Witness,” as a couple buys a home and moves in. A month later they threw a birthday party at the house. The mom, Jeanine, went to the store to get things while her mother stayed in the house to decorate. The older mother said she felt like she was being watched and she was hearing noises. When Jeanine got back she said her mother looked more scared than ever. She went into her house and looked around. Her husband, AJ, came in the room and startled her but she just brushed it off when she told him her mom was scared of something in the house.

In the kitchen Jeanine was doing dishes when she felt an icy breeze on her neck and looked around the room but saw no one. She went back to doing dishes and dropped one when she felt something poking her. Her heart was racing and she froze in place. Then she was yanked backwards and ran out of the house having trouble breathing. She said she didn’t want to go back in the house but she had to go in and get her heart medicine.

She ran into the house and went to the counter in the kitchen, grabbed her medicine and took it. Jeanine said she questioned if she was going crazy. She told AJ something was wrong with the house and he still thought it was nothing. Jeanine started to believe AJ was right.

Days later Jeanine and AJ’s daughter was playing and talking to herself. Jeanine went in to see her daughter and heard a conversation taking place. Jeanine didn’t see anyone and asked her daughter who she was talking to. Her daughter responded she was talking to her friend. Jeanine tried to brush it off and not show how nervous and scared she was. Jeanine invited her dad, Jeff, to the house. Jeff said he was a skeptic and had to see it before he would believe the house was haunted. They saw a chain swinging on the front door of the house. Then it sounded like something was thrown on the floor. Jeff screamed at the sound to stop. Jeanine got clawed in the back and felt like she was being burned from the inside out. She said there were scratches all over her back.

When AJ got home Jeanine told him she was sending their kids to stay with her parents. She told AJ she was terrified of the house and showed him the scratch marks on her back. He still didn’t think much of it. Then a door in the house suddenly slammed shut. He said he witnessed this happening and Jeanine said that validated what happened to her in the house. They hung religious items all over the house hoping it would help. When he finished hanging them all the lights went off in the kitchen. The couple then rushed out of the house. He said he now thought there was a presence in the house. Jeanine looked for evidence of what was haunting their house so it could be gotten rid of. She left a recorder running in the house with no one there. A half hour later she called her kids into the family’s camper. Then she grabbed the recorder and took it out on the porch. She listened to the recording until she heard a growling noise and a voice saying “she will die.” She said the voice wanted to kill her.

A week later a wind picked up in the backyard and Jeanine went quiet and heard her kids in the house. She didn’t want to have to go into the house but heard the kids upstairs. She stuck her head inside and hollered at the kids to get downstairs. She ran upstairs to get them and the second floor was quiet. Her kids were not up there. She went into a room, saw it was empty, turned around to leave and was pushed down to the floor and held down. Something had its hands on her and she couldn’t get up no matter how hard she tried. Then she heard a demonic voice telling her to look under. She pulled back the carpet and saw satanic symbols on the floor. AJ saw the symbols on the floor.

paranormal witness 407 demon house recap 2015 iamgesThey called a minister to the house to help make it safe. He did a deliverance and cleansed the house. Jeanine and AJ followed him around the house and Jeanine started to feel sick. She started slurring her words and had to be held up. She said she could feel negative energy surrounding her and she could barely breathe her chest was so tight. An hour after the minister got to the house he told them their problems with the house were over. The minister left and Jeanine was just sitting in a chair. AJ took her to her mother’s house very early in the morning. Then she spoke in a demonic voice and her eyes were suddenly black. AJ and Jeanine’s dad carried her into her parent’s house. Jeanine stared at her mother and spoke in the same demonic voice. They read prayers from the Bible, which did nothing for Jeanine. Suddenly she said “it’s in me.” The family minister performed an exorcism on Jeanine. AJ and her dad had to hold her down for it. The sign of the cross was made on the top of her forehead. Then Jeanine opened her eyes and snapped out of it. Jeanine said their dream home became a nightmare.

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