One Direction Vacates Eliza Dushku & Snoop Dogg Stopped Again

one direction vacates eliza dushku 2015 gossip

one direction vacates eliza dushku 2015 gossipOne Direction has some apologizing to do or at least some free concert tickets to give out…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Eliza Dushku took to her social media to share that she was vacated from her Pittsburgh hotel room, where she had been staying for 2 months while filming a show, in order to make room for the boys of One Direction.

Eliza posted on Instagram a picture of her cart of stuff she had to pack up, with the caption:

“#DragMeDown Don’t worry @OneDirection…it was super chill movin outta my room so u can have the ENTIRE FLOOR I’ve been staying on for 2 months #OnLocationLife #HotelWars #ActorProblems #WhatHaveYouDoneForMeLately #OneDirection Took 2 hrs this Friday afternoon before work Enjoy #Pitsburgh #PA!”

Eliza Dushku, Instagram post:

Eliza has been staying in Pittsburgh for the last few months filming the Cinemax show Banshee, while One Direction is just stopping by for their August 2nd concert.

Although this was an obvious inconvenience, the actress later cleared up the speculation that she was actually angry, insisting that she forgave the boy band but she jokingly said expects some “tix” or “pix for my friends’ kids.”

Eliza Dushku, Twitter post:

Probably a wise choice for Eliza to put any feud rumors between her and the boys down to rest, as she would most likely be soon facing the wrath of the “Directioners.”

snoop dogg stopped in italy for too much cash 2015 gossipSnoop is in trouble with the law once again.

A week or so ago it was in Sweden and now in Calabria, Italy.

On Saturday, Italian finance police stopped the 43-year-old rapper when they found about $422,000 in cash inside Snoop’s Louis Vuitton luggage.

A source has reported to CNN that the police wound up seizing about $205,933.

In an attempt to prevent money laundering, Italy and the rest of the European Union do not allow airline passengers to carry more than 10,000 Euros, which is about $11,000, in undeclared cash.

It has been reported that Snoop will only be able to get the money that the police are holding when a fee is determined and paid.

Snoop Dogg’s Italian Lawyer, Andrea Parisi commented about the incident, saying:

“We clarified everything from a legal point of view. The money came from concerts he had performed around Europe. There was no crime; it was just an administrative infraction.”

Although Snoop has not commented about the incident yet, I think it is safe to say he will not be ranting about the Italian finance police like he did the Swedish police last week after he was falsely accused of using illegal drugs.