Olsen’s pulled back into ‘Fuller House’ & Taylor Swift shows how to upstage bride

Olsen's pulled back into 'Fuller House' 2016 gossip

Olsen's pulled back into 'Fuller House' 2016 gossip

Even though they opted not to take part in the Full House reunion (aka the latest revival facilitated by Netflix, Fuller House), the Olsen twins are still finding themselves intertwined in the highly anticipated spinoff series. With just days until Fuller House is released in all its glory on the video streaming site, actor John Stamos posted a throwback video of him and the twins from 1989.

On his Instagram, John shared the video that shows him, Mary-Kate and Ashley having fun while hanging out on the grass in Hawaii. At the time, the twins were just 3 years old. In contrast to how we see them nowadays, the two little girls are shown wearing matching magenta patterned outfits while showing their admiration for “Uncle Jesse.”

John Stamos, Instagram post:

Evidently, John along with several other cast and crewmembers were upset that Mary-Kate and Ashley decided not to come back to the show. However, many of them have expressed their understanding of the twins’ hesitance to dive back into acting once again, as they have been working hard to establish a name for themselves in the world of high fashion for quite a few years now.

Last month the executive producer of Fuller House revealed to People magazine that he did, in fact, speak with the twins personally. Bob Boyett explained, “Ashley said, ‘I have not been in front of a camera since I was 17 and I don’t feel comfortable acting.’ Mary Kate said, ‘It would have to be me because Ash doesn’t want to do it, but the timing is so bad for us.’”

Nonetheless, other than the twins, pretty much all of the other main cast members are returning to the show and have definitely helped create an impressive amount of hype surrounding its release.

You can watch the first season of Fuller House when it is released on Netflix on February 26th.

taylor swift shows how to upstage bride 2016 gossip

Taylor Swift looked angelic while wearing a blush pink, intricate lace gown. To many people’s surprise, Taylor was all dolled up for a beautiful wedding ceremony where she stood, front and center.

However, it is not what you think – Taylor was not tying the knot with her boyfriend, Calvin Harris. In fact, Taylor made the trip out to Pennsylvania on Saturday to be her friend Brit Maack’s maid of honor. Brit, who is a childhood friend of Taylor’s, wed her now-husband Benjamin Lamanna. According to Taylor, she first met Brit when she was only “10 days old” and she later met Benjamin at just 5 years of age (in Kindergarten.

The country-turned-pop star took to her Instagram to share her excitement for the newlyweds. Alongside the group shot from the wedding, Taylor stated that she was “the happiest maid of honor ever.”

Taylor Swift, Instagram post:

taylor swift wedding 2016

In addition, the bride Brit also shared a picture on Instagram to express her mutual appreciation of her and Taylor’s lifelong friendship. In a throwback image, Brit showed followers a much younger Taylor Swift, who is seen with her arm around Santa Claus back in 2002 (when she was about 13 years old).

Brit Maack, Instagram post:

taylor swift with santa claus 2016

Furthermore, while Taylor has been with boyfriend Calvin Harris for a few months now (they started sparking rumors in the summer of 2015), it doesn’t seem as though they are quite ready to take the step that Brit and Benjamin did over the weekend. However, Calvin might have scored a few more points with Swift after he indirectly defended her amidst her feud/conflict with rapper Kanye West.