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No Butts For Zac Efron

No Butts For Zac Efron

zac efron tight underwear for bad grandpa 2015

Zac Efron isn’t too shy about showing off his body, but there seems to be one part that he’s reluctant to show off…unless it’s covered by the thinnest of material. Yup, for some reason the sexy star just isn’t comfortable letting his butt be shown on the big screen so he’s got a butt double doing the dirty work for him. You can check out the NSFW pictures without the black crack strip by clicking here.

With very few actors being shy about being in the nude now-a-days, it’s a bit of a shock when actor says he won’t bare it all.What’s even more shocking is when an actor who has already bared it all says they won’t do it now. Former Disney star Zac Effron is all grown up and he’s been shedding his clothes in several of his most recent films. He was even filmed running around in his tighy-whities (and they were tight) on the set of his current Dirty Grandpa.

However, it seems like when it came time for him to do a naked motorcycle scene he got a little camera shy and had a butt-double do it for him. Considering what a great butt he has, I’m shocked he’s want to cover any of that goodness up. No, I’ve never been a Zac Efron fan but when baby got back, baby got back you know?
zac efron toilet

It’s worth noting that in the movie The Awful Truth Effron showed his butt while his crotch was down in a toilet. It is the most unsexy show I’ve ever seen, but you can clearly see his behind. I’m thinking this could be an insurance issue or a contract issue. Maybe the studio didn’t pay enough to get that tight little booty on tape.

zac efron paperboy shirtless 2015

Also, it be really hard to cover up the front. Showing your butt is one thing, but anything else can be about nerve wracking. While I don’t get that Effron is the shy type, he just might not be able to let it all hang out yet, although he’s come pretty close in his underwear work in The Paperboy.

zac efron paperboy underwear scene

At least when the movie comes out you’ll know the nude shots aren’t him. However, the tighty-whitey shots should keep you satisfied as their equally impressive. Back in the day when actresses didn’t want to bare their breasts or butts, the producers would usually bring in someone that was either saggy or droopy, in effect, forcing them to show their self au natural or have audiences think that’s what they really looked like. Of course, they make it different for men. I just wonder if Zac got to sit through the casting call eyeing and searching for his perfect butt…and how extra did it cost?

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