Nick Carter Arrested & Mark Cuban Bites into Khloe Kardashian Racist Claims for Lamar Odom

mark cuban bites into khloe kardashian racist claims 2016 gossip

nick carter arrested for bar brawl 2016 gossipIt is no secret that often celebrities who have passed their 15-minute window of fame find themselves getting into all sorts of trouble. Unfortunately, this seems to be exactly the case for Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

On Wednesday, the musician was reportedly arrested while at a bar in Key West, Florida. Apparently, Nick was arrested and taken by local authorities after a fight broke out. At this point, not many details have been released regarding the incident and Nick has yet to make any public comments regarding his arrest.

Hopefully, Nick will be able to clean up his act as only a few months ago (in November) the star announced that he was expecting his first child with wife Lauren Kitt. While competing on Dancing With The Stars, Nick revealed the happy news and even told viewers that they are expecting a boy. In November, Nick released a statement explaining, “My wife and I are happy to personally announce that we are pregnant. It has been our dream to have a family together, and we cannot wait to welcome our first child in the world.”

mark cuban bites into khloe kardashian racist claims 2016 gossipOn Wednesday, reality star Khloe Kardashian had a very revealing interview with radio host Howard Stern. In it, Khloe discussed numerous aspects of her highly publicized life – including dating, plastic surgery and of course her past relationship with Lamar Odom.

While most people were captivated by the surprising details Khloe revealed on the show, one person, in particular, wasn’t too pleased with some of the reality star’s claims. During the interview, Khloe stated that Lamar had encountered numerous acts of prejudice when he was playing on the Dallas Mavericks. Khloe went on to reveal that he had been called racist slurs, nd her car was even maliciously vandalized.

However, Dallas Mavericks owner (and Shark Tank star) Mark Cuban immediately came to his organization’s defense, claiming that Khloe never mentioned any of these things at the time Lamar was on the team – even when Mark had reached out to her. Mark explained, “Anytime I talked to [Khloe] I asked how things were going, and did she need anything – never a word. Not from Lamar or anyone. We would text about trying to help Lamar and not a word. I obviously don’t know what she encountered, but I can say that it’s not something she ever mentioned to me or anyone in our organization.”

Mark went on to reveal that he tried to help Lamar any way he could when he was playing on the Mavericks. Mark said, “We had a psychologist working with Lamar and put together support programs for him. It never came up. I like Khloe. I’m not questioning her, but she never said anything to us.”

All though we can’t be certain, it seems like Khloe may be exaggerating – or even somewhat fabricating – some of her juicy gossip in order to gain more press and promote her new talk show. Evidently, it’s working!