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‘Modern Family’ 707 Sexy Sexy House Recap

modern family 707 sexy sexy house 2015 imagesOn this week’s “Modern Family,” the Pritchett’s have their traditional Thanksgiving left overs Saturday. As if that’s not complicated enough, the way the storyline unfolds for all the characters is one big ole mess involving a very sexy house.

As they finish up their brunch, Haley overhears her dad tell Mitch and Cam about the showing he had for one of their friend’s house who’s place is a mega mansion. Since, in her view, the only thing cool about having a father in real estate is sneaking into his houses, she had a fun time in the bathtub of that house the night before and hearing them talk about it reminds her that she left something there.

Meanwhile, Claire thinks that Phil is mad at her as he doesn’t take his eyes off of his phone, leading her to believe that he is giving her the cold shoulder about what happened the night before. After she had returned home from a long trip, she went off on him for taking a bath with the ducks being that she had plans to come straight home and enjoy it herself.

Haley makes her way to the house only to find that she left the water running and the tub overflowed. She also finds Andy there getting the house together. They try to move past the awkwardness by focusing on getting the tub fixed. But they end up falling into the water together. How convenient right? They find robes to put on while their clothes dry and the whole thing just makes for one romantically cozy situation; a situation that may just find these two back in each other’s arms. Just as they are about to share a kiss, they hear someone come into the house. They find out it is Cam and Mitch who break out the cocktails and plan to have a nice time since their world revolves around Lily who is at a friend’s house. As they get comfy, the crowd grows because Phil shows up and they hear him say to someone on the other line, “Don’t worry about Claire you have me all afternoon.” And the plot thickens.

Back at Jay’s, he plans to take the whole family to Miami for Christmas, so Gloria goes around hugging people as a disguise to take their wallet. So when she hugs Phil, finding his wallet is not so easy. It turns into an all out groping session, and Phil shamelessly enjoys it.

The sexy house continues to fill as not only has Phil now joined the company of the others, Luke, and his friends show up with a six-pack. They run into Cam and Mitch who are about to give them the third degree but before they can, Phil comes out in his virtual classes on as he is heavy into his role playing game which is the reason he’s at the house. Everyone freezes because they just know they are caught, but since he is so into the game, he doesn’t even realize they are there.

Claire then shows up at the house dressed as a medieval harlot as she misunderstood Phil saying he wants time to role play as him wanting to do it with her. She ends up embarrassing herself. Phil explains what he meant was having time to do his virtual role play game. All the others hiding come out (except Haley and Andy) and even Alex and Reuben are caught in a closet in one big mess. Phil scolds them for being there without permission and tells them they violated him and “this sexy, sexy house.” After they leave, he has a tender moment with Claire and lets her know he was never mad at her but was totally into texting about the game. He knows that she works hard and any chance he gets to spend time with her makes him happy. They leave, and we are pretty sure what they are off to do.

Haley and Alex finally come out and have changed back into their clothes. They talk about the awkward moment that almost happened between them and brushes it off as the effects of the house. Haley leaves out only to immediately run back in, jump on Andy, and passionately kiss him, which he embraces.

In the end, Gloria asks Jay if they can bring her Columbian family to Miami when they go and readies herself for an argument. But Jay tells her that they aren’t going to Miami as he has booked their flights to her home country instead. Gloria, who you would think is happy about this, is caught in her deceitful plan as she was counting on her and Jay arguing about everything always being about his family and not hers which would give her grounds to justify bringing her family to them She opens the door, and non-stop Columbians crowd into the house.

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