‘Modern Family’ 705 The Verdict Recap

modern family 705 verdict recap 2015 images

modern family 705 verdict recap 2015 imagesThe latest antics of the “Modern Family” crew is filled with firsts, trust and showing people’s who’s the boss.

Gloria is excited about the possibility of serving as a juror. Jay tells her that jury duty is not a gift, but she sees it as her American right. Jay then has to take her place at Joe’s school, a task he really doesn’t want to do.

She goes to the jury selection but does not make it because she is too outspoken and thinks she can read the accused better than the judge. This crushes her because she really wanted to exercise her rights as an American citizen.

At the Dunphy’s house, Claire is excited that she gets to be the boss at the office since her dad is doing dad stuff. It is also “bring your daughter to work day” but Haley nor Alex is willing to go.

They end up having to go anyway because Claire is determined to show her daughters that she can be the boss. But we find out very quickly that things aren’t what they seem. Namely, the employees don’t really care too much for Claire, especially when she acts like the boss.

Cam and Mitch run into one of their friend’s Raymond, who recently broke up with his boyfriend. He catches them shopping for a party, and they deny it, not wanting to invite him. As they are out of the woodwork because Raymond walks away, Mitch tells him to come, and Cam looks at him in silent disapproval.

Phil leads Luke and some other neighborhood boys in a volunteer project that turns into numerous opportunities for “lessons of the day.” In particular, a man sees Phil while they are cleaning up who approaches him. He doesn’t give his name, nor does he address Phil by his. In fact, everything this guy does is suspicious because he tells Mr. Dunphy that he lost his wallet and phone and asked to borrow money. Phil happily gives him $50 and sees it a lesson to the boys about helping others. Luke sees the man never mentioning anyone Phil knows by name as a scam.

Jay spends the day at Joe’s “school” and brings an assistant. Joe’s teacher tells Jay that’s not how it works and tells the lady to leave, which means Jay is on his own.  He eventually warms up to the idea of being there and interacting with the kids and even reads them a book. Then one of the children tells him he’s old, so Jay calls him big ears.

Back at their house, Cam presses Mitch to disinvite Raymond. Since Gloria was cut from being a juror she plays the part of a lawyer to help them get to the bottom of the Cam’s issue. Mitch confesses, thanks to Gloria, he is afraid Cam will be like Raymond (the one all the friends don’t want to be around) if they were ever to break up.  Way to have faith in your relationship Mitch.

At the park, the guys continue to clean when they see the same man talking to another man using the same “Hey Mr” intro. This causes Phil to think Luke is right, so they dump all the trash they collected in the man’s convertible car. He comes up to them livid at what they are doing. Phil tells him it serves him right since he is scamming people. They find out that he is actually Dr. Monty, the pedestrian who delivered Luke 15 years ago and thus was not scamming them. Phil is devastated… and embarrassed.

At the office, Claire is really going through. From hitting her eye, nearly breaking her finger, picking the wrong cake for Herm’s retirement party (a mint chocolate ice cream cake I might add) and falling in front of everyone, she is having a horrible day. Haley and Alex rush to her and tell her that she doesn’t have to prove anything. At this point, though, because we know Claire, she has to finish. She then proceeds to give a going-away speech to the wrong Herm.

In the end, Joe tells Jay that he loves having him come to his school, which makes him feel good about it and makes him return… to only continue his feud with “big ears” who leaves Jay stuck on a slide because he couldn’t hear him.

Kids these days.