MODERN FAMILY 703: Closet Cases & Webcams

modern family closet case recap 2015 images

modern family closet case recap 2015 imagesTrying to be cool parents and ‘smothering’ is what this episode of Modern Family is all about. Mitch gets a case for Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets; Dylan moves in with Haley; Alex deals with boy stuff; and Gloria still can’t let go of Manny while Luke and Manny head to college for some girl action.

Haley and Dylan get Phil to agree with letting Dylan stay in the basement while he gets his act together with selling his T-Shirts. They also ask him to ask Claire, which he does and surprisingly he gets her to understand.

Alex Skype’s Luke hoping to get a hold of someone that can help her with boy troubles. Luke isn’t interested until he sees one of her friends in the background changing, which Alex has no clue she’s doing. He pretends to be interested and gets “caught” when he asks his sister to “move to the right.” After getting off the with her, he calls Manny and tells him “we’re going to college.”

At the Pritchett’s house, Gloria gets involved in Manny’s business, as usual, and he tells her how the cheerleader he’s paired with has not “taken care of him” by decorating his locker like other girls did for their football players. At the same time, Mitch comes over to lets Jay know about his case for Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets. Jay is not cool with him working for “the roll a dex stealing Earl Chambers.” which only makes Mitch take the case anyway.

At the Dunphy’s house, Phil looks for his charger and he finds a little more than he bargained for when it looks in Haley’s room. The two are in her bed but Phil stays cool. He can’t really say anything since he allowed it.

Gloria takes it upon herself to be the “smother” that she is to find out why Manny’s cheerleader is not being a good “partner” to him.  The girl, Carly, says that it is a “stupid sexist tradition, why don’t the players decorate our lockers.” Gloria hands her some money to buy decorations for Manny’s locker but Cam stops her and calls her into his office. There, he tries to explain to her about how important it is to let a child find his or her way on his or her own.

Mitch goes to Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets and Earl tells him to leave because he doesn’t want to have a Pritchette around. He talks his dad’s rival into letting him stay and Early actually says that it might be the start of a new chapter between their two families. As Mitch leaves out, a photographer in Earl’s office doing a photo shoot for the cover a magazine takes a picture of them together.

So what does Mitch do? He goes to his father to let him know Earl is not that bad. As he explains to Jay how his enemy actually wants to make things better, a truck pulls up with the picture of Earl and Mitch on it with the caption, “See Jay even your son hates you.”

Pissed, Mitch and Jay break into Earl’s office to do some damage and end up getting caught by Earl. They exchange insults and then fight… physically.

Manny and Luke make it to Alex’s college. She gets why they are there and sends them down the hall to her friend. The girls let the guys in and they sweet-talk them. Well Manny does. Luke just keeps messing up. The girls say that they have not kissed anyone since they have been in college and invite the two guys to be their firsts. Luke excuses himself to Alex’s room to freshen his breath and sees that she’s crying. Her boyfriend has started seeing someone else. Luke sees his sister heartbroken and foregoes making out with college girls to stay and comfort her.

Gloria goes back to the school to decorate Manny’s locker but it is already done. She assumes that Carly did it, but finds out that Cam did it realizing she was right. A mother should do all she can to protect her child.

Back at the house, Claire and Phil have a conversation with Haley and Dylan because Phil is not comfortable with him being there. He hands it over to his wife so that she go all Claire. Realizing what he is doing (making her the bad parent) she doesn’t kick Dylan out to Phil’s confusion.

Later, Phil continues to be uncomfortable with Haley and Dylan, especially since they are on the couch under the covers giggling. Phil can’t take it any longer and tells them that they are going to be in separate rooms going forward because he’d rather have them sneak around behind his back while he’s sleep than in front of his face. Claire is not okay with that and does what she didn’t want to do – kicks Dylan out.

In the end, Alex comes back home to sleep in her own bed, and surprise, Dylan is in it.

Oh the antics of the Dunphy family.