Miami Heat Chris Bosh clots force retirement talk

miami heat chris bosh clots force retirement talk 2016 images

miami heat chris bosh clots force retirement talk 2016 images

Chris Bosh Considering Miami Heat Retirement After Blood Clots End his Season Again

Despite his persistence, Chris Bosh will miss the rest of the season. The Miami Heat superstar has been working with both his doctors and the team’s medical staff; however, blood clots will cut his season short for the second year in a row, regardless of how far the Heat go in the playoffs. The team is currently facing the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

Bosh has been out of action since the All-Star Break when the blood clots were discovered in his leg. Last season, the clots made their way to his lungs, resulting in hospitalization. This season, the issue was found earlier. The result on the team is the same, but at least Bosh will be okay.

“This has been going on since February,” said Dwayne Wade before the announcement was made. “All we know is that he’s taking care of himself health-wise, and that’s all we care about.”

The clots were found when the planes touched down in Toronto for All-Star Weekend. Despite initial reports that a calf injury held him out of the game, it was fear of the clots.

Head coach Erik Spoelstra addressed the team immediately after All-Star Break about the possibility of not having Bosh for the rest of the season.

“We talked about what we are going to miss the most about CB, and it wasn’t end of possession, throw it to him, and he can get you a shot or defensive rotations,” said Spoelstra, citing Bosh’s main benefits to the team. “It was his leadership and his voice. Now he’s around the team; he still provides that, and it’s a powerful thing.”

Despite his wife’s #BringBoshBack campaign, Chris will be out for the season. Unfortunately, because of the reoccurring issue, Bosh may have played his last game in the NBA. Some analysts believe he’s done. Some think he can make it back. Either way, it’s a very serious problem, and Bosh will have to make some tough decisions over the summer.

“We know we’re missing a huge part of our team,” said Wade.

Let’s just hope everything is okay. No one wants to see a superstar’s career cut short.