Mary Manchin talks ‘Supernatural’ family round 2

mary manchin talks supernatural family round 2 2017 images

Mary Manchin talks 'Supernatural' family round 2 2017 images

From creating Supernatural crew gifts for Christmas to being the deft hand behind the Season 11 Gag Reel intro cards, Mary Manchin is one talented lady. She is the Post Production Coordinator for the show, as she explains below.

This is our second interview with Mary, and you can check out her other one here. We thank her for giving us her valuable time to answer our questions.

What do you do for Supernatural, and how long have you done it for?

I’m the Post Production Coordinator. My main focuses are ADR/ISDN (bringing in and coordinating with actors wherever they are and have them redo their cues because of noises on lines or something happening to their mic during a scene and to cover efforts), creating schedules and memos for ADR, invoices, stock footage, coordinating meetings for VFX and sound and taking notes, watching dailies to gather material for the gag reel, checking the recap/flashback memo (this is to make sure that everyone who is shown in pictures, flashbacks and the recap get compensated), checking credits, making sure our PA is good with all of her tasks and helping her when she needs it and any other tasks given to me from someone higher up. I’ve been with Supernatural for almost a year. I was the post PA for a few months during season 11 and then I became the post coordinator once we started up on season 12

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What made you decide to join the film industry?

I love film and TV. My mom worked at the movie theater as I was growing up and my dad and I would watch a bunch of movies and tv. I know how to splice and thread projectors as well as how to completely enjoy a movie. I’ve always loved watching behind the scenes material for movies. Nightmare Before Christmas and Wallace and Gromit were a couple of my favorites growing up. Those got me into animation. I knew I wanted to be in the industry somehow. My style is a bit too dark for Disney or Pixar are pretty much out.

What do you enjoy most about working on Supernatural?

I love that it’s like one giant supportive family that you can learn from. Everyday is a new challenge, everyone is so positive and everyone is willing to teach other new things.

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Do you have any funny stories from set – that you can share?

Haha well since I am not on set and located in LA I can’t answer this. It is entertaining watching scenes happen during dailies if the camera guys catch it though.

What does the Supernatural family mean to you?

The supernatural family is a bunch of people who have one way or another found each other, they support each other and are there for each other no matter where they are in the world. They care about the well-being of others making sure that even people they don’t know feel supported and loved.