‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ Season 6 Reunion all lit up

love & hip hop new york season 6 reunion all lit up 2016 images

love & hip hop new york season 6 reunion all lit up 2016 images

The Love & Hip Hop New York reunion is here, and boy are these chicks lit, especially the newbies. It’s like lighting a match to a firecracker when they are all in one room. You better step back, or you’re gonna get hit.

Nina Parker, the host, opens up talking about Remy and Pap’s storyline. Remy says that having the wedding was important to her and when asked about her mother, she says, “She [her mother] talks to Pap.” Nina also asks her about her relationship with Yandy and how it affected her friendship with Rah, who by the way is off the hook. Not in a good way.

Rah is all over the place. She goes off on Yandy and just makes herself look like a fool. The thing about their situation, Yandy may be playing it coy because she knows how it makes Rah look. Do I believe that Mrs. Harris is oblivious to the things she claims to be oblivious to? Not entirely. But when it comes down to talking about it, she always comes out on top and Rah is the one who looks like the bully.

Along with her confrontation with Yandy, Nina spotlights Rah’s situation with BBOD. Once again, this grown ass woman can’t keep her cool. She doesn’t let anyone else get a word in and brags about being a fighter. Call me crazy, but I’d like to believe that by the time one is pushing 40 years old, they’d have that shit under control. It’s not cute.

Next up is Cisco and his multi-channeled storyline. He maintains that he was never officially with Moe nor Mariah Lynn. When asked about her relationship with the “producer,” Moe says they were really cool and yes, they were dating. Cisco even made dinner for her and told the BBOD member not to date anyone else (he claims he doesn’t remember saying that). As far as Mariah Lynn goes in the situation, her issue with Moe came about when she said Cisco could not work with anyone else. That made ML pissed. Then Cardi B, who is on the couch with ML for moral support I guess, goes off on Lexxy and Moe calling them “mad pussy.”  The four young cast members get super hype. ML stands up the Lexxy stands up. Bianca comes on stage from the couch in the audience area, and security steps in to stop the brawl. Oh and Cardi throws her shoes.

Then there is Rich and the whole Cisco and Mariah Lynn fiasco. According to Rich, she was nothing, but she drops the bomb that she was once pregnant by the creep squad member. Cisco also admits that he did start to feel sorry after everything happened with the three of them at the bar because he realized Mariah Lynn is a “good person” that loves her family. Awwww.

Peter and Amina’s situation shines a light on his fucked up ways. It also shows how delusional and sorry Tara is. Yes, Tara is sorry. No matter what she says about being his woman first, she is not the one he married. Tara has got to get over herself and stop thinking that she is getting a one up on Amina by still sleeping with Peter. Trick you lost! You are the loser in the situation and having his baby doesn’t make anything better. Fuck that, “I was with him for 13 years.” When a man makes you look as stupid as Peter does her, you let that shit go. Sigh… but I digress.

love and hip hop new york reunion season 6 1 images

Nina asks Tara the question that everyone asked themselves when she revealed she was pregnant- how the hell do you go nearly five months (18 weeks) not knowing you’re pregnant? Tara tiptoes around the subject, saying she didn’t get pregnant on purpose. She even took Plan B. I hear you T, but let me say what every woman who has ever taken Plan B knows; If you don’t take that shit 72 (120 hours in some studies) after unprotected sex, you will become pregnant. That means Tara consciously didn’t pop that little pill until it was too late. But again, I digress.

The episode ends with Amina dropping the bombshell that she is indeed pregnant again. When Nina asks her how she feels about Tara being the last woman to have Peter’s baby, Amina says, “She’s not the last woman.” She then stands up and declares, “I’m pregnant with Peter’s baby,” and shows off her baby bump.

I did just want Bianca did from her seat on the couch in the audience when I saw that shit- grabbed my heart and said “Lord Jesus.” If ever there was a time when I had no words, this is that time.

Next week Remy Ma performs, and DJ Self has to answer to all the women he played this season.