LOVE & HIP HOP NEW YORK Finale: An End To A Disjointed Season

diamond fighting cisco love hip hop new york 2015

love hip hop new york finale recap images 2015

We are finally at the end of the Love and Hip Hop New York. Everyone’s story is pretty much summed up and it leads to a much anticipated reunion episode.

jhonni singing for rich dollaz love hip hop new york 2015

It opens up with Jhonni Blaze playing the piano and singing which she is really good at doing. I don’t know why she doesn’t just go ahead and commit everything she has to this talent instead of letting all the other stuff get in the way.

We also see Diamonds crazy’s ass again. Her dad, Darryl Strawberry, actually comes to visit her in NY and this chick tells her dad all kinds of lies about why she went to New York in the first place; which went something like she seeing this guy who told her that he would make her a star and a model, blah, blah, blah. She just lied to her ordained minister father. He of course gives her hard love and tells her that she needs to start taking responsibility for her actions.

diamond fighting cisco love hip hop new york 2015

Later, she meets with Cisco and they have a very open conversation about what happened between them.  She tells him that she wants to woman up to the mistakes that she’s made and she asks him what she did wrong in the relationship. This is big of her because it seems that she is trying to be more mature and less unbelievably stupid. Diamond asks him if he ever loved her and he says no. She takes it the best she can (she didn’t go all cray, cray). After they put everything on the table, they agree to be cordial.

tashas back for cisco on love hip hop new york 2015

Cisco flies to Atlanta to meet with his baby momma Tasha because she is keeping his kids away from him. He asks her what can he do to be in a better position so that they can co-parent their kids.  She goes off on him telling him that he broke her heart into a million pieces. She pretty much tells him that she is not going to let him see the kids the way she wants. He throws a tantrum throwing shit and turning couches over. Tasha attacks him and they walk Cisco out.

cisco bloated up for love hip hop new york 2015

Peter and Tara meet in the studio and they have a pleasant interaction. She asks him to help one of her clients with some beats (remember has her own artist development business now). She then asks him how things are going and he tells her about his troubles with Amina. You can tell that it is hard for her but she does listen to Peter and tells him that he has to find out what he wants for his life and go from there. This is a great moment for her because you can see that she really is moving past it and it speaks volumes to who she is as a woman.

peter gunz with amina on love hip hop new york finale 2015 images

Peter Gunz then meets with one of his boys who tell him he saw on social media that Amina has a new manager and it is Orin, her ex. Peter obviously can’t take it because he doesn’t like the fact that this man is managing his “wife.” He says that he’s in no moral position, however, to really say anything. “I have to man up and eat it.” This of course does not stop him from confronting her.

It is clear it pisses him off that she is working with Orin. He sets up a weekend getaway with Amina because he wants to “win her back.” Peter tells her he wants his family back and he knows that he’s been a ”complete disgusting pig” to her. She tells him that she wants to be true to her music and that means moving on from him. Amina also tells him about Orin and he says that he knows more than she thinks. He gives her a ring and she says that she doesn’t understand what he wants… she can’t do. “This ring is not going to solve any of our problems.” With that, he realizes it is too late for white woman on love hip hop new york 2015

In the world of Rich Dollaz, with everything going on, he takes some time out to meet with Precious P in the studio while she rehearses. Precious tells him up front how she feels about him not being there for her as a manager. He tells her that’s it is more complicated than she is making it. She dismisses his bull shit and tells him that she is cutting their ties as artist and manager. They part ways and that’s it for Precious P and Dollas Unlimited.

Meanwhile, Chrissy meets with Chink and tells him that she is through if can’t finally and fully commit to her. They argue and she yells at him, cussing him out and tells him that she feels he has been playing mind games with her because it is clear that he hasn’t left his wife. In the end, she walks out on him and he actually looks a little sad, but you know, in an IDGAF kind of way.

lil mendeecess with yandy love hip hop new york 2015

Yandy and Mendeecees have their “baby shower” and she surprises her boo with the commitment ceremony gesture. This is a really sweet and nice moment.  She tells everyone there that she is signing the certificate to change her last name and lets them know that they are still having a wedding, just later. The MC pulls out the forms and she signs them. Awwwww, she’s finally a Harris.  We also see her have the baby in an emotional moment between her, Mendeecees and their new baby girl Skylar.

chrissy monroe on love hip hop new york finale 2015

At the end of the episode, we see everyone’s happy (or somewhat happy) endings.

This of course is not the end of it as the reunion is still to come. This season was all over the place and just didn’t make as much sense as it usually does…or at least sense in the world of reality tv! It felt like this season too many storylines were forced on us and things just weren’t allowed to evolve organically.