‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ 609 Love & War among men

love & hip hop 609 love & war 2016 images

love & hip hop 609 love & war 2016 images

Love & Hip Hop New York 609 Love & War Recap

It is on and popping on “Love & Hip Hop New York” and, this time around, it’s the men who are putting hands on each other. Oh, and, of course, the females too.

Rich and Cisco go at it and as much as they want to say it is not over Mariah Lynn, it is about her just as much as it is about what happen last year with Diamond Strawberry. After ML walks out, the two “brothers” have a conversation that gradually escalates into an argument, which quickly escalates into a physical altercation. Cisco starts the “fight” as it is evident he is neither over, nor okay, with Rich’s slime ball ways. As they are pulled off of each other, Rich tells security they don’t have to hold him. In his confessional he says he’s not going to fight Cisco, that’s his man, but they still have shit to work through.

Now, the creep squad hangs hard in the New York crew. They have to stick together because there’s too many of them, and their ways are too f%$@ up. The king of the pack, Peter Gunz, decides to put his MAJOR marital/baby momma issues aside and help Rich and Cisco reconcile. He calls a meeting of the two and they talk out their problems. They both admit that they were wrong and had a “misunderstanding about some chicks.” They make up because they’ve been rolling together too long to end their friendship, plus “the creep squad is better than this.” Oh, the things that come out of men’s mouths.

love & hip hop warYandy helps Remy get things together for her wedding, which is less than a month away. And while the rapper feels like the artist manager is doing too much, Yandy gives her some good advice about her mother. See, Remy is a hard ass bitch meaning she hasn’t spoken to the woman that gave her birth in a while because she feels that she wasn’t there for her the way a mom should have been while Remy was in prison. But Yandy pulls on her personal experience with Mendeecees mom and tells her new friend that she has to fix things with her mother because she has to be at the wedding.

So Remy does what her husband and Yandy suggest- talks to her mother. Her mom pays her a visit and shares that she decided not to attend the wedding because Remy was not the one to invite her. Her daughter is cold at first, but seeing her mother cry softens her heart to her husband’s delight. Remy takes a significant step by personally inviting her mother to her wedding. They genuinely seem to be moving in the right direction.

Continuing her journey of reconciliation, Remy reaches out to her friend Rah. Remember, after what happened at Rah’s fashion show, they never actually fixed their issues. So she invites her to a boxing gym and as they talk about what happened, guess who shows up- Yandy. Yes, Rah’s nemesis joins them. Rasheda takes issue not only with her showing up but the fact that she is helping with Remy’s wedding because “Yandy doesn’t know her at all.” Needless to say, it is awkward. Rah throws all kinds of shade, but Yandy keeps it nice and calm. Good job Mrs. Harris

Then there is Yorma, and she knows something is up with Self. Especially since her sister, Cimary, shows her pics of Rose with Self the Gram. Cimary tells her that they can go to Rose’s shop, The Beauty Bar, to confront her, so they do. It turns into a battle of the sisters as Rose has hers there too. As Cimary and Rose commence to fight, Yorma starts tearing up her store.

Of course, Yorma goes straight to Self at the radio station, and he acts like he doesn’t know shit; I mean, literally, I can’t even deal with him because he’s so lame right now. As she questions him, Self turns shit around on her, but he’s caught when she tells him, “I went to Beauty Bar.” He eventually admits that he didn’t screw Rose but “she kissed me.” Yorma loses it and because she’s not “a weak bitch,” she decides to walk away, leaving DJ Self with that stupid ass grin on his face.

In the end, Self and Cardi B bump into each other at the studio, and she’s mad at him because he hasn’t listened to her music. He then drops some real knowledge on her and comes off surprisingly non-creepish. His advice is that she put her music on a flash drive to give to people like him so that he can listen to it later. According to him, the Instagram star has to learn the music business because right now, she is just a dancer with a couple of songs. Look at Self being all professional.

It looks to be pretty explosive next week at the DJ’s cypher with BBOD going at it with Mariah Lynn and Rah fighting… we don’t know who yet.