‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ 606 The Fallout Begins

love & hip hop new york 606 the fallout begins 2016 images

love & hip hop new york 606 the fallout begins 2016 images“Love & Hip Hop New York” continues it’s unbelievable showcase of bad behavior.

This week Tara confirms what I already knew after watching the first episode this season- she is pregnant. And the father is none other than the man she has been dealing with for the last 13 years, Peter “Slim Ball” Gunz. She pays a visit to Dr. Jeff; you know the therapist who tried to pull the Real Housewives of Atlanta together last season and reveals the baby news. Apparently, she was feeling sick and after going to the doctor found out she is 18 weeks pregnant. Um, Tara, you are trying to tell me you did know you were four and half months pregnant? Girl, bye. She debates whether to tell Peter because there’s just too much drama but the good doctor encourages to do it and get it out of the way.

Now, let’s talk about Peter because this guy gets more unbearable to watch each season. Actually, this installment of LHHNY is the most unbearable period, but that’s another article altogether. Amina, for whatever reason, claims that despite everything that has happened, especially ending her pregnancy, Peter is the one she wants to lean on for comfort. I am telling you, this whole storyline is all kinds of messed up and honestly, at this point I’m sure they are just doing this outrageous plot to stay relevant on the show, because what women are really going to put up with Peter’s shit?

Rah is happy to finally have the time she needs to dedicate effort to her clothing line of maxi dresses (which are really body cons) since she is no longer working with BBOD. She plans a fashion show and enlists the help of her friend Remy Ma who really doesn’t want to help but does so because it’s her girl asking. Apparently, not only does Remy rap, she is an excellent decorator as well. Who knew?

About the fashion show; Things blow up for on a couple of fronts for Rah. First, Remy is pissed to the max that she decorated alone. Rah nor her “partner” Toya showed up to help or sent anyone to help, and the rapper feels disrespected for that. Then, when Rah does show up, everything is already done. To top it all off, when Toya finally show up, Remy immediately throws shade. Plus the girl has the nerve to complain about the decorations, which send the newly released, trying to stay cool “cause I’m on probation” Remy over the edge. She ends up leaving the show and taking the DJ she brought with her, which causes a big argument. Rasheda Ali is devastated and through with her former friend. However, a split second later, Remy, who says during her confessional that she is “better than that,” comes back, talks to her friend, who is hurt, and ends up doing the fashion show.

Now, the next conflict at the fashion show is Lexi and Mariah Lynn (ML). Rah is all of a sudden managing ML as well managing Lexi, who is now a solo artist as she walked away from BBOD. But she has Mariah perform at the show, and Lexi walks in it, which doesn’t sit well with her. After she does her strut down the walkway, Lexi has a talk with Rah about the situation, and ML walks in on them. I guess she feels like she’s the shit and has to say something, so she does, and a fight almost commences between her and Lexi. For the record, I don’t know if Mariah’s persona is just for the show, but it’s corny and contrived. Moving on.

DJ Self wants us all to believe that he has turned over a new leaf but his actions this week tells a different story. He asks Cardi B to be in his music video (yes, he’s transitioning into rapping) and has “the hottest stylist” in uptown New York, Rose, style her for it. But Rose wants something more with the DJ because she feels like they can be a power couple, blah, blah, blah. They have an “innocent” dinner that Self doesn’t tell Yorma (remember his girlfriend) about, and it ends with Rose sitting in his lap and the two kissing. I’m over it.

This episode was very tiring for me because the foolishness is getting out of hand. Men cheating, women wanting to get put on by any means necessary, mediocre artists fighting, shade, craziness and delusional females who’s claim to fame is being the baby momma of a played out producer/rapper. Remy is the only dope cast member on the show, but she was on one this episode.

Tara drops the bomb on Peter next week abut her bun in the oven, and Lil B (remember her) and Moe come to blows (or drink throwing) in the studio now that Yandy is working with both of them.