‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ 604 Cardi B Let’s It Be

Love & Hip Hop New York 604 Cardi B Let's It Be 2016 images

Love & Hip Hop New York 604 Cardi B Let's It Be 2016 images“Love & Hip Hop New York” picks right back up from the over the top fight between Cardi B and Yorma… over DJ Self.

This chick Cardi B is out of control. Not only does security put her in a car to calm the hell down, but she also broke the damn window. With her on the show, seriously, this is the worse season of Love and Hip Hop New York. I didn’t even know it could go any further south.

Self tries to de-escalate the situation by comforting Yorma, but she is not having it. He is a hell of a joke saying he didn’t want to put her in this situation, but yet you did Self.

Lexi and Moe meet on a calm note mostly because Moe is excited that her man is back and town. Who is her man you ask? Cisco. Yes, the slime ball who had Diamond Strawberry looking all kinds of stupid is back. I don’t even see how he is such a Mac. Lexi tells Moe that Rah has gone through with the single release party and Moe surprisingly is okay with it.

Rich has lunch with his daughter Ashley, and they argue over whether or not she can go shopping with his credit card. But that’s just a lead-up to show her father that she got she her belly button pierced. He is not there for it and knows that, “When Ashley’s mom finds out about the belly ring she is going to flip.” From this, he determines that he has to now be a drill sergeant.

But he doesn’t have to because a few days later, he is shocked to see that Miracle, his baby momma, came to pick Ashley up without him knowing. To her, “the girl has been out here wilding.” Her other concern is that she has not been going to church. To Miracle, he is being more of her friend than her father. “I’m not having that,” she tells Rich. She doesn’t want to hear what he has to say and takes her daughter with her back to Memphis.

Then there is Mariah and Cisco. She reached out to him, told him a little bit about her story, and she is ready to work. Since Rich is not helping her in the studio as she needs, she is looking to Cisco to being the “perfect producer to help” her out with that. They meet in the studio and share their life stories. The conversation then turns from talking about music to them “hanging out” outside of the music. They talk about the importance of being “riders” and as she leaves (and he tells her not to “hurt nobody in that dress”) she tells him, “I hope you find  your rider.”

They have their little date later, and it is all kinds of corny and cheesy. He says she has beautiful eyes, asks if he can get a better look and kisses her. Yea, it’s that bad.

Self meets with Cardi in the studio to talk about what happened at Mariah’s party. Ugh, he’s just, Ugh. Every single time he speaks to these women, he always has a smirk on his face, and he’s just a joke. She breaks it down for him and lets him know that she is only going to be “his friend” going forward. Okay, Cardi.

In an attempt to fix things with Yorma, he has her picked her up and brought to him at the radio station. On his show, he talks about what happened and makes sure that she is listening. He confesses to what he did wrong, and as he speaks, she cries and yes, she forgives him. Oh and, by the way, he says, “I don’t know if Yorma’s the one” during his confessional but also says that he’s not ready to lose her. She pulls up to the radio station; he comes out, and they make up in the backseat of the truck.

In the end, Rah’s single release party is a success. Everything goes off without a hitch, or so it seems. Cisco shows up as he and Moe are “chilling” but guess who also shows up? Mariah thanks to DJ Self.

Not only is their song T.H.O.T HORRIBLE, but the night also ends up being a total bust when things pop off between Mariah and Moe. It is clear that Cisco didn’t know what he was coming into as he says, “I was not expecting Mariah to walk her little ass into this party.” Moe didn’t know that he was dating, and he tells her straight up that he is. She walks out and tells Mariah and Cisco both that they have her “fucked up.”

I’m not sure why Mariah feels the need to come for Moe, who was trying to remove herself from the situation, but she does, and it doesn’t end well.

We have to wait until next week to see the outcome.


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It’s been a big year for “Love & Hip Hop: New York” veterans Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris, who recently tied the knot on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Live: The Wedding” special, and welcomed their daughter Skylar. This season, it’s back to business for the newlyweds and time to focus on finding a bigger place to live and blending their families. Yandy is ready to get back to managing artists and focus on her career but with Mendeecees’ impending legal issues, their newly wedded bliss may not last long.

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Newcomer DJ Self from New York radio station Power 105.1 bursts into “Love & Hip Hop” as we follow his relationship with Yorma, one of the hottest dancers in New York City, and their tangled web of drama. Can Self balance his packed schedule with his equally packed love life?

Firecracker and Instagram sensation Cardi B. leaps from the pages of IG to the small screen with a bang! It’s certain this tough cookie will deliver raw and real emotion as she entangles with her fellow cast members.