‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ 603 Cardi B Making Things More Bearable

love hip hop new york 603 cardi b making things a litte more bearable 2015 images

love hip hop new york 603 cardi b making things a litte more bearable 2015 imagesThis week on “Love & Hip Hop New York,” the physical drama starts early this season.

After Amina slaps the hell out of Peter Gunz in front of Tara, she walks out but not before telling her “husband” that she is pregnant. Tara follows her into the hall to talk shit to her and just makes a bigger fool of herself. Also, am I the only one who thinks she too is pregnant because she def looks it?

amina with peter tara love hip hop new york 2015 imagesMoe of BBOD meets with Yandy in an attempt to get some help with management after Rah told Lexi to go solo. They talk about what happened at the cypher and the things going on with the group with Rah. From their conversation, Moe’s take away from their sit down? Yandy doesn’t think Rah knows what she’s doing.

Of course, Moe relays what Yandy said to Lexi. Along with telling her what she said, she tells her how she feels about what happened the last time they all sat down. For the record, Moe is being very prideful, like Lexi says, and she is so caught up on her feelings about Lexi not being loyal that it is messing things up more. Lexi is shocked and pissed that she met with Yandy without telling her, but she suggests that BBOD and Rah sit down to have another conversation about their partnership. Moe reluctantly agrees.

They have their meeting, but Moe and Rah still can’t get on the same page. And when Moe tells Rah that she met with Yandy, that’s the last straw for her. She immediately ends her professional relationship with them on the spot and says during her confessional, that going to Yandy for management is “barking up the wrong tree.”

Then there is DJ Self, who knows how badly he f$%@&# up with Yorma. He arranges a romantic, private dinner for the two of them with views of NYC. It’s nice and all, but to her, he is still hiding their relationship. In an attempt to show her that he does claim her and doesn’t care about people knowing, he invites her to Mariah Lynn’s (ML) birthday party.

Which is fine because he doesn’t want ML, she’s just an artist he is working with. But things change when as they talk about her party in the studio, Cardie comes in and is personally invited by ML. This is not good news for the shameless NY DJ because his girlfriend is going to be there and Cardie B is a plum, hot, ghetto, and embarrassing mess.

Let me just say here, that literally, I can’t even stand to hear Mariah Lynn or Cardie talk. Like, please God stop the noise. They sound like they are trying to speak stupidly on purpose, and all I can say is my ears, God my ears. But I digress.

When ML leaves out, Cardie goes off on Self about not helping her with her music. To him, she views herself as an artist which is fine, but he’s not too sure she’s talented like that, and he doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure and end up losing the pleasure. Just like a man.

Yandy and Mendeecees meet with Pap and Remy. With Mendeecees going to prison, who else better to give them tips on how to deal with everything than them? After they have a lovely dinner and share concerns and experiences, Mendeecees later speaks with little Mendeecees to let him know what’s going on. More than anything he wants his son to know how much he loves him and that he didn’t leave him.

Amina gets a visit from her twin sister who’s in town from Germany, which is good for Amina because she needs to have someone in her corner. She tells her that she doesn’t want to love or be with Peter and it’s hard for her now because of Cori and the fact that she is pregnant again. Her sister clearly feels for her and lets Amina know that no matter what she chooses to do concerning the baby, she is there.

In the end, Cardie and Yorma meet, and it is not a pretty sight. The Instagram star has no chill, and it is not cute. She steps to Self, knowing that he is sitting with his girl, but that doesn’t matter to her. Mariah Lynn made a big mistake inviting her, and although she is glad that she came, she doesn’t want anything to pop off on her big day. But we all know that wherever someone like Cardie B goes there will always be unnecessary drama.

She tells Yorma that she used to screw Self, and she’s still screwing him and of course they fight. Cardie is carried out and put in a truck, but the bitch is so persistent, she kicks the window until she breaks it.

Mona Scott Young and the rest of the “Love & Hip Hop” crew should really be ashamed of themselves for this one.