‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ 214 It Just Got Real Reunion Part 2

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 214 It Just Got Real 2015 images

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season two has come to an end, and while the crazy drama and reaching storylines are over, the cast members didn’t go quietly. This week we saw Part 2 of the reunion, and it was even wilder than the week before.

It picked right back up with Moniece, Brandi, and Shanda going at it. Marla steps in because who is going to let their daughter get beat up? And while security pulls the crazy lady (Brandi) and the stripper (Shanda) away from Moniece, Princess makes her way around all the chaos to get to her. Princess, really? After everything cools down (Rich goes talks to Moniece in the dressing room), they come back out, and she has nothing to say when Nina asks her if she’d like to comment on what just happened. But of course, Brandi does and… sigh… I just wish she knew how she looks both in how she’s dressed and how she acts.

Soulja Boy and Nia are back in the spotlight after being MIA for several weeks and let’s just say, the rapper is even more of a fool than we thought. Not only does he not apologize to Nia (because he claims he already did) he has no love for Nas, Nia’s former best friend and Soulja’s other love interest. In fact, he is all around rude even showing disregard to Nina Parker in response to her questions. He parades himself so ratchedly, pulling out stacks of money and screaming to the crowd that dollars are all that matter. Nia just sits there trying to stop him, looking super embarrassed which begs the questions for everyone I am sure- why the hell is she with him? As far as her beef with Nas, they get into a pretty big fight that even Soulja joins in, which is totally not a good look. Can someone please call Teddy Riley and tell him to get his daughter?

Along with finally hearing Hazel again who quit the show back in September, Jason Lee gets some time on the stage and Hazel is not nice to him at all. She does not want to hear his apology; she does not want to hear anything he has to say, which includes the accusation that she  shamed him for being gay. She lights into him, but he stays cool. We also find out that Teairra Mari and Hazel are good again with TM apologizing for saying that she wished she’d die because according to her if Hazel died she will die.

Next up are Milan and Miles, and the demise of their relationship seemed to happen right on stage. After Miles and Amber confirm that they are still a family since her daughter Zoe views him as a father figure, Milan tells them all off and reveals that he came on the show initially, in the beginning, to propose to Miles. However, as the season progressed and things happened, he decided not to because not only does he not like the relationship he has with Amber he claims to have found out that Miles has been cheating on him with another man. He takes the ring he bought, put in down on the stage floor and walks out into the dressing room, crying. Miles stands up and kicks the damn ring into the audience. I can only imagine the drama in their relationship. My question though is why keep the ring and even tell us this Milan? Miles denies cheating but instead turns around and accuses Milan and just wanting attention.

Finally, we hear from Willie and Shanda and their little storyline. He tells us that they are good despite her going back to the pole, which will not be a problem going forward because she has hung up her “dancing” shoes. Shanda admits that it was not the best idea at the time but says she did it because she panicked. Um okay. Willie and Shanda make it clear that they were not broke on the verge of being out on the street, but money was just looking a little funny. Okay Shanda if that’s the case, why disrespect your husband, go against his wishes and take your ass on that stripping pole again? Just silliness.

In the end, we get an update from everyone who seem to all be in good places. Well, except Moniece, who remains silent for the rest of the night after what happened earlier. When asked by Nina what they have learned or what they want to leave the audience with, Miles says, “don’t let fame change you” and Milan just rolls his eyes in disgust.

Love & Hip Hop New York is back next week with some new cast members, so you know it’s going to be some new drama.