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‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ 212 Finale Recap

‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ 212 Finale Recap

love hip hop hollywood 212 finale 2015 imagesIt’s the end of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.” This season was short, full of tired controversial plotlines and… boring.

This go round was definitely one of the less exciting and less committed seasons. But I feel like all of the Hollywood franchises are. No one goes as hard as New York, which starts back up in two weeks. But, I know that you are dying to find out what happened to your fav Tinseltown characters so here we go.

Milan finally meets Miles’ family, and the introduction is a lot to handle for him. Before he arrives, Miles finally addresses his mother. They cry it out, and she calls him the king of her castle (so does his sister). When Milan arrives, sparks fly as they drill him about his career, being a “male stripper,” etc. He keeps calm and lets them know what all of this is for him. The outcome? Miles’ sister tells his boyfriend that she is down for him because he’s down with her brother and he’s welcomed into the family. Awwww.

Ray J buys a house… for Princess Love. Yes, this man is going all out. He is determined to get her back and show the love of his life that there is no life without her. He surprises Princess, and although she says that she is not looking to move fast with him, she accepts it. Later on, during a candlelight evening, he pops the question. Talk about NOT moving fast.

Teairra Mari, who only has to say that it has been a long year for her little storyline, poses with her new body and some models during, I don’t know, a photo shoot for something.

Omarion and Apryl are still on tour, and he is selling out everywhere. After one of his shows, as they are on the tour bus, Apryl brings up the whole “I want to work” conversation again, and as before, her baby daddy tells her to chill and just wait. While she expresses how she feels, he gets up in the middle of their conversation and tells the driver to stop. And what do they stop in front of in the middle of his tour? A studio, so that Apryl can… lay some vocals? I was a little confused. But that sums up their storyline.

Amber continues on with her music and is not letting her heartbreak get to her because she’s a “bad bitch.” Max and Brandy are good as she is filming her music video with her partner and Hazel is on to bigger and better things. Don’t know about Nia Riley and Soulja Boi or Willie and Shanda because… they didn’t show them

Now on to the real climax of the show. Nikki’s messy ass, remember I said she’s the Karlie Redd of the Hollywood franchise, runs into Rich at a club and you can bet your bottom dollar that the bitch tells him about Moniece telling Fizz she still loves him. Rich is taken aback and heartbroken and of course, Nikki tries to play it off like, “I thought you should know, I’m not trying to cause no mess.”

Scene switch…

Moniece is in the studio recording her song and Rich shows up. He waits for her to finish and they sit on the couch. She is in a super good mood and showers compliments upon herself, but Rich is not laughing; homie doesn’t crack a smile. He goes right into it. He tells her, pretty much, that he came to Cali, endured all this shit with her mom and her, left his home in New York because he wanted to be with her and thought she wanted it too. He then reveals that he , finally, bought her the engagement ring she’s been begging him for, but all of that doesn’t mean anything because she’s still in love with her baby father.

Moniece looks dumbfounded and tries to deny what Rich says Nikki told him. He doesn’t believe it and with a lot of anger and force, gets up, tells her “F you” and throws the ring at her (it hit the couch, though). All she can mumble to herself is, “Nikki must have a death wish.”

In the end, she goes to Fizz’s video screening and things get heated very quickly. Shanda and Brandi are both there and you know they have Nikki’s back so when Moniece comes for her, as she should have, they jump in too. Max holds back his wife, Fizz drags Moniece away, security hold Shanda and Nikki? Well, that bitch just stands there talking shit. She tells Moniece she was not trying to break up her relationship, blah, blah, blah. All Moniece wants to do is get to her so she can beat her ass and Nikki even stands there saying, “I’m right here.” But that’s real easy to say when you’re not the one being held back.

Nikki is messy and fake and needs not be on TV. She has no talent and is just a bad example for women.

All this drama concludes this season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, but don’t worry; there are a couple of reunion shows to look forward to within the next two weeks.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

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