‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ 211 Catwalk Action

love hip hop hollywood 211 catwalk action 2015 imageslove hip hop hollywood 211 catwalk action 2015 images

love hip hop hollywood 211 catwalk action 2015 imageslove hip hop hollywood 211 catwalk action 2015 imagesWe are only one week away from the season finale of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” and it is on and popping. There is a lot of high drama this week, which just makes for an explosive end to the season.

Moniece and Fizz get together to buy school clothes for Cameron since he is starting kindergarten. They have some laughs, and you can see a twinkle in Moniece’s eye. Um, excuse me home girl aren’t you supposed to be planning a life with Rich? That seems to be up in the air now as she confides in Teairra Mari while getting ready for Fizz’s music video that she has fallen in love with her baby daddy, again.

TM is stunned as asks her what she plans to do. Moniece says she is still trying to figure it all out. At the same time, Teairra Mari tells her what happened at the fitting with Hazel and Princess. Moniece is in awe and says, “Revenge plot?” TM says “yes”, but she doesn’t know what she is going to do yet. Sigh… the ever ratched revenge plot bullshit again.

TM leaves so her friend can get ready. After she and Fizz do their scenes, they have a conversation with her letting him know that she is still in love with him. She tells him that she wants them to be a family and asks him if he ever thinks about it. He drops a “no” bomb on her. He doesn’t feel the same way. “I fell out of love with you five years ago,” he tells her. She cries because I am sure her feelings are hurt, but she also says that the “what ifs” plague her. “What if I never left?” For Fizz, he’s in a different place in his life right now and “that kind of love for Moniece will never be there again.” And there you have it. But what about Rich Dollaz Moniece?

After the shoot, Nikki shows up, and Fizz tells her what happened with Moniece. And while she doesn’t go off the handle this week, let’s just say that this storyline culminates on a major level during the season finale.

Ray J is back this week after the show took a break from his and Princess’s storyline. He has a talk with Max, Brandi’s husband, and he tells Ray that if he really loves that girl, he has to do whatever needs to be done to make it work. Plain and simple. So this episode, Ray does just that. He shows up at Princess’s house, unannounced, telling her how he feels and how screwed up he is. She tells him she needs space and time. He shows up again after the fashion show with flowers looking all humble and sad. He puts all the blame on him and tells her he’s willing to do anything to get her back. She hears him but is just not ready yet.

Speaking of the fashion show, what a trainwreck that thing turns into. First of all, Hazel leaves once she gets a text from TM. The unbelievably immature chick tells her she’s crashing the damn thing, and Hazel is not having any parts of it. Yep, the chick who when off on TM and inserted herself into the situation leaves the rest of the team high and dry because of the text she got from Teairra Mari. Milan tries to stop her, but Hazel tells him ‘I’m cool I don’t want to do it anymore.” For the record, I understand not wanting to be involved with the mess but leaving the event you put together is a sucka move.

At the show, everything goes over smoothly, that is until TM, and her models come strutting down the runway in the middle of the event, uninvited. She and Princess have words back and forth over the mic in front of everyone, and it is all kinds of messy. Milan is pissed and gets up to take the mic and close the show.

Other side stories this week include Brandi and her family dealing with her sister being diagnosed with MS. Also Amber and Miles have their first real, calm conversation since he came out to her about being gay. He tells her how his family took it, the fact that his nephew fought him etc. Amber hears what he has to say then tells him that she told Zoe. He feels a certain kind of way because he would have liked to have told her since she looks to him as a father but knows that Amber did what she had to do.

In the end, after the fashion show, Teairra, Nikki, Milan, Princess and Moniece all meet at a restaurant to clear the air about what happened. Moniece is more or less there for moral support to TM, but that doesn’t stop her from being the face that gets the drink Princess throws. TM stays calm, and Moniece is the one ready to fight.

And oh boy does she get to fight next week, as the situation with her and Nikki promises to be all the way live.