Week 10 Results My 2015 Fantasy Football Blueprint: Watch Me Turn $100 into $0

Week 10 Results My 2015 Fantasy Football Blueprint 2015 images

Week 10 Results My 2015 Fantasy Football Blueprint 2015 images

Week 10 Fantasy Football Blueprint Recap: Turning $100 into $0

Well, it’s over folks. To quote Apollo Creed, “Ain’t gonna be no rematch.”

Daily fantasy football has kicked my ass after ten grueling weeks of me trying to show you exactly how not to do fantasy sports. I guess I can call this ten-week blueprint a success since you all should be able to learn plenty from what I did wrong.

While I didn’t exactly turn my $100 into $0. I did manage to lose more than I won while embarrassing myself during a couple of really bad weeks. I believe I also saw an uptick in my coffee and alcohol consumption during the past 70 days as well. Just add that to my expenditures during this exhausting trial run at DFS on DraftKings.

Maybe I can use that as a tax write off?

I’ll get to my week ten results in a sec, but first let me break down my overall run over the past ten weeks. I profited on 4 / 10 weeks while losing 6 /10 weeks. The most I profited in one week was $10.80 and the most I lost was $10 on a given week. I had one week where I just lost 60 cents so you could say I was about 50 / 50 on my win-loss columns.

Overall I ended up down just $8.50 after betting $100 over the ten-week stretch. This was all on DraftKings.

Let’s see how I fared in week ten below.

wk10 fantasy football movie tv tech geeks 2015I won 3 / 5 head to heads and cashed in 2 / 3 GPPs. I profited $3.40 in week ten. I sought out fish in those head to heads and left the sharks to eat each other alive. I saw enough in week nine to know they are to be left alone.

Here’s my lineup that I used in each H2H match. 118 points wasn’t great, but it was good enough in the majority of these contests this week. Willie Snead laid an egg; Edelman broke his foot, and Gurley was a victim of game flow as his Rams got behind early.

h2h linupwk 10 movie tv tech geeksMy GPP lineup is below.

gpp big score of week 10 movie tv tech geeksI noticed that my GPP point total was almost always higher than my H2H scores. I took more risks in the tourneys obviously, but maybe I should take more chances on players’ upside in H2Hs as well.

The past ten weeks taught me a lot about daily fantasy football (it’s hard), and I learned a lot about myself (I’m not very smart). The main thing is that I had a good time and do know a lot more about daily fantasy sports. I’m completely engaged in the industry now more than ever.

For any of you wondering if I will continue to play on DraftKings now that I’ve wrapped up the $100 to $0 blueprint, I will indeed. I plan on another documented test run on NBA daily fantasy action, but I may try that one on a different platform.

There’s talk of a Netflix documentary covering my DFS journey, but that may not happen until 2016. Talks are ongoing, and the project could even turn into a feature film I’m told.

I seriously did learn a lot about fantasy football. I don’t think I would have bought a “self-help” book on daily fantasy leagues if not for this little trial run. And I know I wouldn’t have paid out the $59 a month to a premium service to help me do better during the past few weeks.

I hope you benefited from watching me navigate the shark infested waters of DraftKings. Fantasy football is not easy and daily fantasy play is even harder as people are trying to make real money.

After my ten week run, I am not overconfident (why would I be), but I do feel like I can hang with most players that aren’t sharks in H2H matches. And I’ve done fine in GPP tournaments. Good enough to sorta break even and keep playing while hoping for a big payday.

To wrap up this fantasy football blueprint, I’ll leave you with the best tips I can give after ten weeks in the trenches. I don’t know it all, but who does when it comes to daily fantasy sports?

  • Pick opponents wisely.

  • Try as many websites as you can to see what platform you like best.

  • With the government breathing down the necks of DFS companies, I would not leave large amounts of money in my account.

  • Don’t just read weekly articles about who you should start or sit. Go deeper with a book or a premium service to get some advantage on the rest of the fish out there.

  • Your fantasy football lineups are not to be influenced by the talking heads on TV, in-game or during pregame shows. Solid data improves your shot at winning, not Troy Aikman’s take on Kirk Cousins’ toughness or Terry Bradshaw’s thoughts on Tom Brady’s next revenge game.

  • Don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose! I would have loved to bet $1,000 a week, but my family and I have gotten real used to eating.