LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD 207: Miles Brock Coming Clean By Coming Out

love hip hop hollywood 207 coming clean by coming out recap 2015

love hip hop hollywood 207 coming clean by coming out recap 2015Barriers are definitely broken this season on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, and this episode may be the most intense yet mostly because of Amber and Miles having to get through his big “reveal.”

Amber breaks all the way down after learning that Miles, the man that she has been in love with all her life, is gay. She runs outside, falls on the ground crying screaming “I need to speak to my mother” and is all around inconsolable. The therapist has to calm her down. Amber leaves and the therapist goes back in to let Miles know what Amber said, which is “I can’t deal right now, but we will have a convo soon” or something like that.

Later, Amber is in bed, and Glamma (her grandma) comes over. She tells her about the therapy session with Miles and that he likes men. “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it,” says Glamma. Amber feels as though she’s wasted her whole life. “I think I messed up… I feel stupid… I feel like he played me.” Glamma gives her advice as she breaks down crying holding her granddaughter. Awwww, the love of a grandma.

Brandi calls her girl Tiny, yes T.I’s wife, to tell her about the issues that she and Max have been going through. Primarily that she found his wedding ring busted in on him at the studio and went crazy. Tiny ends up telling her that she needs to calm down and take the blame for the things that she has done to which Brandi says that she probably should. She all you need is ya girl to tell you you’re crazy.

Max is in the studio with Fizz. He tells him how his girl (this season) Nikki and Brandi busted in on him like “ninjas.” He says that he wanted to give his wife some time to calm down so he wouldn’t say anything he didn’t mean and is why he didn’t go home that night. He tells Fizz that he’s not wearing his ring, and his boy tells him that’s not cool. Max is torn between working hard and his family, which he will always choose his family… ugh…but he loves “the game” too.

Ray J and Teairra Marie (TM) meet at their usual spot “so no one can get the wrong ideas.” She explains to him how she feels about the way he’s been treating her. He calls her bullshit and tells TM that she was foul for pretending to be Princess’ friend. He checks her and all she does is deny it. Ray J says that everyone knows what she was trying to do which is very true. We all did and do. If she could only see how stupid she looks. Aye, she probably still wouldn’t stop.

Nia meets with Soulja Boy because he just wanted to take her out and talk about everything. “I know you are not happy about the situation… but we have to get past that,” he tells her. She lays it out for him, “I don’t think that you have been as honest as you should be.” She tells him that he needs to change, and he turns it right around on her. He then gets hype because he’s “worth $25 million” and ends up telling her to “get the fuck out of my face” if she’s not going to accept his apology. Are you freaking serious right now Soulja Boy? Unbelievable.

Brandi and Max make up in an intimate bedroom setting, and she actually admits to being wrong in some situations. “I always say what you are doing wrong,” which is really good that she acknowledges her behavior. Max admits that he shouldn’t have thrown his ring. He brings out two new rings, and she jumps on him. He shows her the ring and breaks down crying.

Messy ass Nikki goes to Nas’ store opening because she “wanted to stop by and clarify some things for her.” She, of course, is there to tell her about herself. Nikki brings up the fact that she is Nia’s friend and tells her she’s wrong for screwing and being with Soulja Boy. Nas then checks her, “You were in the same situation.” Nikki ignores that claim and continues her, “You’re wrong, he’s not your man” shit. Nas tells her to get her facts straight. Nikki tells her to value herself more, which is the last straw for Nas. She calls security to get Nikki out. She nudges her away, and Nikki then wants to fight. For some reason here too, Nas throws up during this altercation, which was weird.  We’re not told why.

In the end, Miles has to tell his family about his homosexual lifestyle, which is hard because they grew up in the church. He goes ahead with it since Amber threatened to tell them. He gets it out to his sisters, and it is not good. “So you’re just saying fuck God,” his sister asks him? He tries to explain to them how he feels, and they all break down crying.  They tell him to make better decisions, and he can barely speak.

They tell him “at the end of the day we are going to support, I will ride or die for you… we’re going to always be there for you regardless; you will always be our baby brother. ”

Well, that turned out better than his reveal to Amber.

It just gets juicier and juicer with this season.