LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD 205: Mum’s A Word Not A Flower

love hip hop hollywood 205 recap images 2015

love hip hop hollywood 205 recap images 2015Moniece and her mother, Marla, have a heart to heart (kind of) about the state of their relationship and life in this episode of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.” The strain on their bond or lack thereof is evident and Moinece wants to move past it. She also wants to introduce her mother to the new man in her life Rich Dollaz. Marla’s main issue with her daughter is that she feels her priorities are out of whack and that she needs to be a better mother to her son Cameron.

Speaking of Rich, he made the move to Los Angeles to further his relationship with Moniece, which is very interesting because if you remember him from LHHNY, he’s a bit of a player. And he kind of preys on younger girls but hey, if he says that she is the one and he’s ready to settle down, then good for him. Moniece lets him know that she set up a dinner for them to meet with her mother and he is, understandably, hesitant but gives in.

At the dinner Marla and Rich go round for round, mainly because Marla goes in on him from the very beginning. Like she has no chill and is rude and invasive when grilling him about his playboy status AND his child support cases, which he was not having. He puts her in her place and she, from what we saw, is left speechless.

Then there is Nia, Nas and Soulja Boy and this whole situation is just… mmmm.  Soulja calls a meeting with Nas and surprise, Nia shows up too, which the side chick didn’t know. They start off calm but escalates pretty quickly. Nas goes in on Soulja and busts him out about being in her text messages saying, “I love you and I want you back.” Nia asks to see the texts on her phone, which Soulja wasn’t prepared for. Nia wasn’t prepared for what she saw in Nas’ phone either and said during her confessional that she can see why Nas is confused, Soulja is leading her on. Nas is pissed, Nia is pissed and he’s caught so he tells them that he doesn’t need neither of them because there are “millions of bitches” waiting to get with him. Nas tells Nia “you’re welcome” to which she says, “I will never thank a hoe for anything” and they fight. After the crew breaks it up, Soulja acts like nothing happened, gives Nia a necklace and kisses her. How she didn’t walk away after all of that is beyond me?

Miles and Milan have moved in together and things seems to be going okay until Milan requests for him to let Amber know that the two men are together. Miles feels the pressure and even during his luncheon meeting with Amber, comes close to telling her but just can’t bring himself to hurt his “best friend.” She of course is still in love with him and thinks that he’s just holding out and needs more time (which she is not willing to give him).

After finally moving all his stuff in, Miles expresses his concern about how Amber is going to feel about them being together and only living right down the street. Milan doesn’t want to hear it and tells him to do it or he will and if that means he loses Miles then so be it.

Miles says that he understands and makes plans to do it, actually driving to her house but he backs out because he just isn’t ready. The next day, Milan goes off on Miles telling him that he followed him to Amber’s house. They have a big fight and he kicks him out of the apartment.

Shanda and Willie Taylor are the newest couple to the LHHH family. They moved to L.A. from Chicago so that Willie, who used to be a part of the group Day 26, can pursue his solo career. They don’t have jobs and have money saved up for six months to pay their rent and bills, which makes Shanda nervous and anxious. She feels that she may need to go back to work, stripping, and Willie says no. He asks her to trust him that he’ll take care of the family. She says that she does but it’s clear she’s having trouble doing that.

In the end, Ray J is in Miami shooting a music video with Lil Wayne. After speaking with one of his “mentors” he concludes that Princess needs to show that she’s down or it’s over. God will let whatever is supposed to happen, happen. She is with him in Miami but he doesn’t let her come to the video shoot. She shows up anyway and they have a “conversation.” He mentions her befriending Teairra Marie (TM) and about them going to Vegas, which lets her know what she’s felt all along- TM ain’t shit. They argue and she tells him that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore and that’s that. Ray J and Princess are over.

This was a good one and next week’s previews look to be explosive.