‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ 512 Stevie confesses

love & hip hop atlanta 512 stevie confesses 2016 images

love & hip hop atlanta 512 stevie confesses 2016 images

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta picks right back up this week where it left off, with Stevie confessing that he and Joseline were never married.

According to the “Good Guy” when a magazine put it on the cover, Joseline was so happy that he just went with it. This explains why she is so damn disrespectful to him. He was never her husband. As far as Stevie is concerned, he’s single, but that doesn’t mean he’s finished with her on the business side.

Now, if you ask Joseline about their marriage, she tells a different story. When confronted about it on a “red carpet” she says that they are indeed married, she has the papers to prove it, and Stevie will remain her man until she’s good and ready to kick him to the curb.

So of course in all of this, Mimi finds out, and she is pissed because Stevie has been lying to her this whole time. She confronts him at her house one morning, and he finally comes clean. Mimi says during her confessional, “For the past two years, I asked this man if he’s married to Joseline.” Stevie confesses that he was wrong, and he doesn’t want to front anymore. He also says that after seeing Joseline in pictures with Rick Ross, it got to him.

Then there is J-Nicks and his girl Amber. This chick is all kinds of disrespectful. He has a poker night with some of the guys, including Scrappy, Kirk, and Joc. She’s there to make sure they are “taken care of.” And by that, I mean flirting and feeling up on them. She spills water on Joc’s thigh, so she wipes the mess up with a towel right there for all to see. J-Nicks goes off on her in front of the guys, and she brushes it off because they both do their own thing.

Speaking of doing his own thing, J-Nicks and Tierra finally go on a date, and he pulls out all the stops. When she asks him about Amber, he says, “They are not a couple, they are rocking, but they are not together.” From this date, he knows for sure that it’s time for him to move on and it looks like he’s moving in Tierra’s direction.

Amber also does her thing with Joc. He’s just trying to have fun, but it looks like he might have bitten off more than he can chew. It’s clear that Amber is using him as a pawn as she and J-Nicks had a big argument right before she went to Joc’s hotel room. She reassures him, “J- Nicks is not my man anymore.”

One of the things we find out this week is that Momma Dee has an EP that’s coming out soon. I have to say that it is amazing what your connections can get you in life. This woman is not the best singer by any means but she is making money as an entertainer, and it is beyond me. While practicing for a music video, Betty Idol shows up because Momma Dee invited her and naturally Scrappy is there too. Needless to say, he’s not feeling the situation and definitely not feeling Betty. He has his eye on someone else.

Here’s a new development on this season of Love and Hip Hop- Karlie is a singer too. How in the world are these people getting these deals? During her birthday party, in which she debuts her new song (with Katt Williams in the building) she reveals that Lyfe is still in the picture, but it’s time to cut him out. Apparently, these industry men ain’t shit with their double standards. Dime is there too, and she is still messy as hell. She tells Karlie about Stevie’s big announcement on the radio and Miss Redd is shocked. By the way, she’s still rocking with Scrap (she visited him in Jail) and has no issues telling Tierra nor Tommie about it.

Next is Tammy and come to find out, she and Waka have hit a roadblock in their marriage. It looks like it may be over for them. “He’s struggling to be a good husband… I don’t even know who it is… I know for a fact that he’s not faithful,” she tells Bambi. Waka keeps cheating, and Tammy is tired of it. She believes he wants to be there and do right but he just can’t.

Later, Tommie goes over to Joseline’s house, and the girl tells her what she told Scrap about Stevie licking her p***y. And get this, Joseline has the nerve to be offended like, “Bitch, that’s my man.” Really? She lets it slide and then requests for Tommie to show her what kind of tongue action she has by going down on her.

In the end, while Stevie is working with Sass, Scrap’s little brother, at the studio, he brings in someone he wants his nephew to meet- Jessica Dime. Yea, she’s still trying to do music. He wants to talk business, but she wants to talk Joseline. She revels in the fact that they are not married and from the tone of their meeting, she and Stevie are looking for more than a working relationship.

This thing is all over the place. We’ll see what happens next week as it looks like Lyfe Jennings may be back in the picture for Karlie Redd, among some other interesting developments.