‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ 509 Free at Last aka Tommie Scraps Karlie

love & hip hop atlanta 509 free at last tommie finds out about scrap child 2016

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' 509 Free at Last aka Tommie Scraps Karlie 2016 images

This week on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, there’s fighting, lying and crying.

Jessica Dime and Scrappy have their first date. Well, kind of. He actually stands her up and sends Joc in his stead because Bambi needed him. Needless to say, Dime is not feeling it, and as far as she is concerned, Scrappy has blown his chances to “upgrade.” I don’t see how going from one reality TV personality to another is an upgrade, but if you say so.

Then there is Scrap and Karlie. I am sure their “romance” is just for the cameras, and it’s doing just want the producers want – bringing in the drama. Scrap thinks that Karlie is different from the other women in his life, in that she is drama free but if that’s his take on Messy Karlie, then there is no way in hell he knows her. They spend a weekend together at some secluded hotel and on their way back to reality, he tells her the news- he’s going away. She tears up; he wipes her tears, blah, blah, blah.

Tommie pays Stevie a visit and pretty much she tells him that she is willing to learn if he’s ready to teach her. Why do I feel like they both mean more than just working on music.

love & hip hop atlanta 509 karlie

So of course, she then goes to Scrap’s house, asks to use his car and finds a hotel receipt with Karlie’s name on it. She goes all the way off on him. I guess she feels like she’s getting back at him by “dealing” with Stevie. He ends up lying to her about Karlie telling Tommie that he is not screwing her. She turns around and lets him know what she has in store for his uncle.

Later, he and Karlie have dinner, and he tells her what happened with Tommie. He asks if she left the receipt in the car on purpose. She pretends to be appalled and reassures him that she didn’t.

Joseline keeps up whatever it is she and Dawn have in the form of a friendship. They bring up the whole gossip that she bleached Stevie’s clothes earlier this year, and the Puerto Rican Princess dismisses it. She then tells Dawn that she found her contract. You know the one she has spent years trying to get from Stevie. Apparently, she is no longer contractually obligated to him in that, it’s over and has been for a while. At this point, Joseline wants to be free. I don’t get it, aren’t they married? How can you be that spiteful to someone with whom you supposedly share your life? She is determined to “hurt Stevie” and plans on digging in his pockets so much that when she’s done with him, “He’s gone be crying like a bitch.”

Momma Dee’s husband, Ernest, is feeling the weight of their marriage. So what does he do? He takes a meeting with Rasheeda’s mother, Shirleen. She called to speak to him because, “After Momma Dee’s craziness at the brunch,” she is concerned. “She’s over the top,” Shirleen tells Ernest, and he explains to her that Momma Dee is Bipolar and an alcoholic. Shirleen shows a lot of empathy for his situation and feels bad about the way she treated Dee. She suggests that they see a therapist.

Ernest takes Shirleen’s advice. He and Momma Dee speak to their pastor. In the session, Dee is uncooperative and continues to talk that king, queen and palace mess she’s always saying. She doesn’t let Ernest speak, she puts him down and even tells him “You’re in trouble.” The pastor tries his best to quarterback the situation, and it looks like they make progress. They both agree to work on their relationship.

Mimi takes a dinner meeting with Joseline with the intent of letting her know about Stevie wanting to stay with her during their marriage problems. However, Joseline has a bomb of her own to drop on Mimi- Stevie has more children! She starts “crying” as she lets her know, “The girl got him on child support.” Mimi sympathizes with her. By the end of their conversation, she confesses to “the maid” that he’s been taking her money to pay legal bills, and she’s just done.

love & hip hop atlanta 509 free at last tommie finds out about scrap child 2016

In the end, Tommie confronts Karlie about Scrap and doesn’t hesitate to tell her she’s nothing to him. Tommie calls her fake for pretending to be her friend and again Karlie tells her, “Scrap doesn’t claim you.” Tommie jumps over a counter to get to her and security steps in, pulling the two crazies away from each other.

Next week, Scrap goes to jail, and D. Smith gets on Deb’s bad side.