Checking Out Apple’s Latest Software Updates

Looking at Apple’s Latest Software Updates

Checking Out Apple’s Latest Software Updates

Updates are exciting and interesting to know and experience. Often times, there is a lot of new stuff to see, other times they are minor yet essential bug fixes and updates, but nonetheless all updates are necessary. Apple is also up in the charts when it comes to updates and frequently provides them. Here we take a look at all the latest updates Apple has introduced us to.

Apple released a number of updates, which include an update to the iOS with version 8.1.3, OS X Yosemite with 10.10.2, iTunes with 12.1 and the third generation Apple TV with 7.0.3.

Some of the updates were meant to fix the bugs from previous updates while some dealt with enhancing security and stability.

iOS 8.1.3

Everyone had something to say about the iOS 8 update but the latest by Apple is the 8.1.3. This update, it seems, was mainly to fix bugs that were still there in the previous updates. What’s changed in the update is that the 8.1.3 update will allow the device to use less storage when it comes to updates. All the other changes were related to bug fixes such as the Apple ID password for Messages and FaceTime bug fix, multitasking gestures enabled again for iPad bug fix, new configuration tools bug fixes, and the Spotlight bug fix.

To get the latest iOS 8.1.3 update on your Apple device, go to Settings, then General, and onto Software Update. To download the update through your PC, use iTunes.

Apple’s Latest Software Updates guide for users

OS X Yosemite 10.10.2

The OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 can be found in the Mac App Store and it features major bug fixes. The bugs that previously caused the Wi-Fi to disconnect automatically have been cleared away as have the bugs that caused slow web page loading, and email content loading in Spotlight even if they were disabled. For the users who like using headphones through Bluetooth, the update also brings enhanced and improved audio video syncing for Bluetooth headphone use. The update improved the VoiceOver speech feature and also a few bug fixes for that no longer switch languages suddenly or echo characters that are typed in the web page. Safari also got its fair share of importance in the OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 update with better security features and better stability.

iTunes 12.1

The iTunes 12.1 update is the biggest update since the iTunes 12 update came out with many new features and important big fixes for iTunes. The notification widget bar is one of the biggest changes for the update, because it makes the users control iTunes better, with easier browsing. The checkout menu has also crept closer to the consumer for their convenience. Extra features of the update consist of performance improvements, mainly when it comes to syncing iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to iTunes. The update also has brought the option to buy played songs from iTunes Radio and that, too, just by a simple click. Add all that of that to major and minor bug fixes and you get the biggest update since iTunes 12 – the iTunes 12.1 update.

The 12.1 update can downloaded through the Mac App Store, from the Software Update Mechanism. The update takes around 212 MB of storage.

Apple TV 7.0.3

The new Apple TV update 7.0.3 updates the third generation Apple TV. While the new update brings no new features, there are still major performance enhancements, bug fixes, and security advances that are similar to the security improvements in iOS 8.1.3. The security allows stricter shared memory permits, better metadata validations, and deletion of unnecessary code.