LaVar Ball keeps putting NBA pressure on son Lonzo

lavar ball keeps putting nba pressure on son lonzo 2017 images

Lonzo Ball was drafted No. 2 overall in the 2017 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Lakers after a month of speculation as to whether or not Ball was “impressive” enough for the Lakers to take at second overall.

Of course, only one man was brilliant enough to predict such a happening months in advance—the great LaVar Ball. Normally when a player is drafted, he gets an interview, and then occasionally (depending on the story) his mom gets an interview. For the Balls, it was Lonzo then LaVar.

Lonzo, in his typical demeanor, polar opposite that of his father, was very soft spoken and thankful for the opportunity.

“I’m just thankful for everybody that helped me get here,” said Lonzo. “I’m truly blessed to be able to play in my hometown, and I can’t wait to get on the court.”

Lonzo did show off a bit of flashiness, however, changing into his purple Big Baller Brand shoes a few minutes before his name was called so they’d be ready to go when he took the stage.

“Just had a good feeling and changed them five minutes before when they was on the clock,” said Lonzo. “I’m glad they called my name. That’s something we got to talk about further down the line, but as of now we are trying to be a premium brand, so we’re trying to be at the top.”

Things got a little more somber after that as the reporter asked about Lonzo’s mom, who suffered a stroke recently, and was not in attendance. Lonzo, like any good son, vowed to go home and talk to his mom immediately after the Draft festivities.

“She still can’t talk yet, but she understands me,” continued Ball. “So when I get home I’ll get to talk to her. I know she is happy at home for sure. When I get back, we’ll have that conversation, and it’ll be a great time.”

The quietest member of the Ball clan also carriers the most powerful presence. Mentioning mom in an interview with LaVar is actually the only known way to calm him down a bit.

After Lonzo’s calm, cool, and collected interview after becoming the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, LaVar Ball stole the spotlight from his son, immediately putting on the Big Baller Brand BBB purple and yellow hat for the Lakers. LaVar screamed for a bit about how he called this not several months ago but as soon as his son was born, taking credit for “talking” his son onto the Lakers, and then assuring everyone that he won’t be going anywhere until he does the same thing for younger brothers LiAngelo Ball and LaMelo Ball. Then he dropped a bombshell.

“But I already knew what was coming to him,” yelled LaVar. “But I got two more boys; I gotta come do this same thing two more years.”

“You’re going to get them to the Lakers, too. How?” questioned the reporter.

“The Big Baller way,” LaVar retorted with a face that looked like he was just asked a ridiculous question. “Ball control.”

“How good is Lonzo Ball gonna be for the L.A. Lakers.”

“I’m going to tell you what: Lonzo Ball is going to take the Lakers to the playoffs his first year,” said LaVar. “Come see me when he does. I’ll have another hat on that say, ‘I told you so.’”

Man, oh, man.

There are two ways this is going to go: either the Lakers will completely flop and LaVar will have to eat his words (via Twitter memes), or they will trade for Paul George, grab a few superstars in free agency, and Lonzo, though he may grab a starting role, certainly won’t deserve credit for leading them to the playoffs. Rest assured, either way, LaVar will have something to say.

Last year, the Lakers weren’t exactly turning heads (thus the No. 2 overall pick). In their first official season without Kobe Bryant, the Lakers finished a dismal 26-56. The Lakers have picked No. 2 overall in the past two NBA Drafts as well, snagging Brandon Ingram last year and D’Angelo Russell the year before that. The team hasn’t been to the playoffs since the 2012-2013 season when they were swept by the San Antonio Spurs in the first round after bringing in All-Stars Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.

If the Lakers fail to add anyone this offseason, it’ll be quite the uphill for Lonzo to live up to his dad’s ridiculous expectations. But hey, I’m sure LaVar will have something to say about that.

Maybe he can blame Magic Johnson for not putting the right team around his son. Or he could always just blame the team, which usually goes over well, right?