LastPass: Your Solution for Online Security Password Protection

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We hear nearly every week about a new company or even politician getting hacked letting us know that if it can happen to them, it can just as easily happen to us. Trying to make sure that our websites, email and social media accounts are safe can feel a little daunting.

In the past we would create one password that was easy to remember and then apply it to all of our accounts. Simple, right?

I actually learned the hard way what can happen when you do that back in 2010. I had the same password for my email, social media and nearly everything that required a password. My Facebook account got hacked and those people knew that most people used one password for everything so they had quite the field day with me. They locked me out of my email and then got into my site domains, bank accounts and tried to take over everything.

Thankfully, I noticed this quickly and was able to stop some major damage happening, but it taught me a huge lesson. You have to keep different passwords for so many accounts, and trying to keep up with them all is quite a task. Now, many sites require you to have an upper case letter, lower case letter, special character and more so trying to remember that is beyond human reason.

That’s where LastPass saved me. It’s a free and very simple secure password manager that will make organizing your online world so much easier. It’s like having a huge cyber vault that will keep all of your passwords inside, and all you have is just one password to keep up with. You can even use it on all the major browsers, mobile devices and platforms.

That’s right, just one master password for every account. Most of us have more than five passwords, so this is where LastPass comes in handy.

Of course, many will wonder if you’re doing the same thing again by having his one password. What happens if a hacker gets that one and is able to access all of your passwords. Well, LastPass has you covered there with their amazing security. It’s been designed with bank-level standards in place. You’re the only one who can get your information in your encrypted vault. LastPass has included a multifactor authentication which adds another major layer of security by requiring a second login step before giving any access to your vault.

It’s scary enough knowing that anyone can get your information when you use wi-fi hotspots. LastPass gives you that sense of security whether you’re at home or on the road. Your passwords will be instantly available on any of your devices. You can even add a password to once device, and it will be immediately available on all your devices. This makes online shopping so much more secure no matter where you are.

I personally was always leery about making any online purchase when in a wi-fi hotspot, but LastPass allows me to do this without any worry. In today’s world, having one less worry is quite a welcome thing.

The best thing about LastPass is that it’s free, so why not check it out for yourself and Get LastPass for Free. You can use the Premium version, which I use, for only $12 a year, and it is a very small price to pay for the online security. With the Premium you also get priority support and more options which you can see in the above image.