Lady Gaga fans get 2 private shows and Kylie Jenner not engaged

Lady Gaga fans get 2 private shows and Kylie Jenner not engaged 2016 gossip

Lady Gaga fans get 2 private shows and Kylie Jenner not engaged 2016 gossip

Kicking off today’s celebrity gossip, Kylie Jenner has announced that the ring she wears on her ring finger does not mean she is engaged to Tyga. According to Jenner, Tyga gave her the ring as a “promise ring.” She posted a picture of the ring on her Instagram account and told her fans and followers that she wants to know what her engagement ring will look like.

taylor swift back to studio with album

On the heels of her breakup from Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift was spotted in attendance at the Tommy Hilfiger Show that was recently a part of New York Fashion Week. She was there to support her friend Gigi Hadid, who modeled in the show. During the show, footage was taken of Swift singing along to a song Calvin Harris, her ex-boyfriend, recorded with Rihanna while Swift and Harris were dating. Harris and Swift wrote the song together, causing many onlookers to be surprised that she was singing along to it.

tupac shakur in bikini

To mark the 20 years since the passing of Tupac Shakur, a pop-up cafe is being erected in Fresno, California in his memory. At the time of his death Shakur had been making plans to open a restaurant and had even written down his own recipes to be used. Everything the Café will serve was inspired by original sketches he created throughout his career. At least two of the dishes on the café’s menu are Tupac themed. The two dishes are Hennessey Apple Butter Chicken Wings and the California Love Chicken Sandwich.

shannen doherty cancer fight

Shannen Doherty participated in last night’s live TV event Stand Up To Cancer. She made a red carpet appearance with both her husband and her doctor in attendance. Her doctor told reporters on the Red Carpet that she only has to endure another few weeks of chemotherapy for her breast cancer.

10 years ago Sheryl Crow also battled breast cancer and as a result, she has recently formed a partnership with Hologic, which provides women with 3D mammograms. According to Crow, Hologic’s mammogram machines will catch breast cancer as many as 15 months before older machines would catch it.

Kim Kardashian has announced that she would love for either of her kids to grow up to become a forensic investigator so she can live vicariously through them. She stated that she has an obsession with crime shows and that she was fascinated when her dad was working as part of OJ Simpson’s defense team during his murder trial.

kim kardashian saint pablo tour shirt

In other Kim Kardashian news, Kim has now taken to wearing a t –shirt from husband Kanye Wests’ line of tour merchandise featuring her likeness. The front of the shirt includes the brand name of the merchandise, and its back contains a photo taken from Kim’s Instagram account in which she was playing tennis.

Zendaya recently took to her Twitter account to announce that she is creating her own collection of women’s shoes. Her shoes have already been featured on Project Runway, in which Zendaya was a guest judge for the most recent season finale.

tom hanks with meg ryan

Meg Ryan is singing the praises of Tom Hanks after he agreed to play a part in Ithaca, the first movie Ryan has ever directed. Hanks and Ryan previously worked together on 1998’s You’ve Got Mail and Ryan called Hanks to ask him to be in her movie. She praised him for traveling to Virginia to film his role.

lady gaga secret london show

Lady Gaga was recently spotted in London wearing a high cut crop top that failed to cover the very bottoms of her breasts. At the time she was leaving the Langham Hotel to surprise attendees at a local night club with an unannounced performance of her song “Perfect Illusion,” the singer’s latest single. During her performance, the bottoms of her breasts were covered with black tape. She reportedly wore the same outfit for this performance as she wore in photographs she previously released in order to drum up interest in the new song.

[springboard type=”video” id=”1653909″ player=”mtvt006″ width=”480″ height=”400″ ]

Then fans at London’s The Moth club got a surprise when she dropped by and put on a high energy amazing performance as can be seen in the above video.

Gaga, wearing a crop top tee and silver shorts and armed only with a microphone, belted her energetic, driving dance-rock single with a head-banging performance that mirrored the single’s cover art. “Get your hands up now!,” Gaga screamed during the song’s bridge.

At song’s end, Gaga twirled the microphone above her head, alluding to her upcoming “Perfect Illusion” video.

In addition to premiering “Perfect Illusion,” Gaga also performed a stripped- and slowed-down keyboard rendition of her hit “Bad Romance.” “I didn’t even remember the words,” Gaga joked at the end after clubgoers assisted her through the song’s final coda.


garth brooks concert

Wrapping up today’s celebrity gossip, Garth Brooks has admitted to his fans that the reason he hesitated to perform a concert at Ryman Auditorium, known as the Mother Church of Country Music, is because he has been afraid to do so. However, earlier this week he conquered his fear and did just that. Brooks performed for 110 minutes to a sold-out audience. At a recent press conference, Brooks said he hadn’t felt worthy of performing at the Ryman Auditorium. The reason he finally did so was to promote his new SiriusXM channel, exclusively featuring his music. His live concert performance at Ryman Auditorium was broadcast on SiriusXM. In addition to his own songs, he performed songs by artists such as Dolly Parton and George Strait. During the performance of one of his songs, wife Trisha Yearwood joined him onstage to make it a duet.