Lady Gaga is Born This Way for Starbucks and Cameron Diaz hiatus

Celebrity Gossip: Lady Gaga Starbucks are Born This Way, Cameron Diaz back to Hollywood, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen ball time.

You may or may not have noticed, but romantic comedy actress Cameron Diaz has been away from the Hollywood spotlight for quite some time now. While she used to be in several movies a year and seen at some of the industry’s biggest events, she has since decided to lead a much more private lifestyle.

On Saturday, Cameron stopped by the Goop Wellness Summit in Culver City, California, in support of her friend and fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow. While there, Cameron sat alongside starlets Nicole Richie, Tory Burch and Miranda Kerr, and discussed her recent hiatus from the spotlight.

At the Summit, Cameron explained her leave of absence that came about after she starred in the 2014 movie Annie. Cameron told the crowd, “I just went, ‘I can’t really say who I am to myself.’ Which is a hard thing to face up to. I felt the need to make myself whole.” Later during the star-studded event, the 44-year-old beauty was asked about her new life as a married woman (note: she is married to Good Charlotte front man Benji Madden). While addressing why she didn’t get married until “later” in life, Cameron noted, “I think it’s a matter of I just hadn’t met my husband, you know? I had boyfriends, before. And there’s a really, really distinct difference between husbands and boyfriends. And I have a husband who is just my partner in life and in everything. Talk about two very different people! We are so different from one another, but we share the same values – we’re totally two peas in a pod. We are both just weird enough for each other…we women are objectified so much. Somehow my husband has just been able to kind of show me what it’s like not to have that be a part of a relationship, and being an equal.”

Nonetheless, from the interview Cameron gave at the Goop Wellness Summit, it sounds like she is almost ready to return to Hollywood, at least to some extent.

lady gaga is born this way with starbucks 2017

Now that the whole Unicorn Frappuccino craze has died down, Starbucks is looking for their next big thing. Fortunately, they were able to convince pop starlet Lady Gaga to lend her name and image to their brand, as they are collaborating with the star on a line of purposeful drinks.

On Monday, Starbucks announced that they would be launching a line of four new “Cups of Kindness” beverages in participating Starbucks stores in both Canada and the United States. According to the company, they will be donating 25 cents from each cup sold (from June 13th to June 19th) to Lady Gaga’s charity, the Born This Way Foundation. Subsequently, money raised will go toward programs that support youth wellness and empowerment.

lady gaga starbucks special drinks

In a statement about her surprising collaboration with Starbucks, Lady Gaga said, “We’re healthier and happier when we live our lives with compassion and our communities are stronger when we treat one another with generosity and respect. Born this Way Foundation and I are so excited to partner with Starbucks to help inspire positivity and love through the Cups of Kindness collection.” The “Perfect Illusion” songstress went on to gush, “I adore the entire collection and I instantly fell in love with the Matcha Lemonade.”

The Cups of Kindness collection debuted at Starbucks stores across the US and Canada on Tuesday, June 13th.

Nearly 2 years after her father, Lamar Odom, overdosed in Las Vegas, Nevada, 18-year-old Destiny Odom decided to talk publicly about the terrifying ordeal. In an all-new interview with People/Entertainment Weekly, the star’s daughter recounted exactly what she was doing when she found out about her formerly troubled father.

Destiny told the media publications, “It was a school night when I found out. We all thought that he was, that this was it for him and he was going to pass away. But, life is so crazy.” Lamar’s daughter went on to note that she believes her very first visit with her father post-overdose, which lasted just 30 minutes, played a critical role in his miraculous recovery. Destiny explained, “The next morning [after my first visit] he was ripping tubes out of his mouth and I don’t really think that’s a coincidence. I think he was meant to be here because of me and my brother. It sounds like a cheesy movie, but I think that everything happens for a reason.”

Later in the interview, Destiny revealed that she has seen drastic changes in her father and his behavior. She gushed, “When you parent is an addict and they get clean it’s like a whole new world. A whole new person, really. It’s crazy what therapy and rehab can do to a person. He’s just a lot more clear and in the moment and he’s more apologetic. He’s able to see more the pain that he’s caused when he’s clean.”

Hopefully, Lamar continues on this path and continues to build a stronger relationship with his kids and the rest of his family.

john legend and chrissy teigen baby baseball throw

It was certainly a family affair for the Teigen-Legend gang on Tuesday, June 6th. Celebrity couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend brought their 1-year-old, adorable daughter Luna with them to throw the ceremonial pitch at the Seattle Mariners game. Subsequently, the Seattle baseball team faced off against the Minnesota Twins at Safeco Field.

Throughout the experience, both John and Chrissy posted pictures of their family outing to their various social media accounts. In one photo, posted by John, little Luna is seen reaching for a bucket of the Mariners players’ bubblegum. The “All of Me” singer captioned the sweet picture, “Mommy and daddy posing. Luna stealing the Mariners’ bubble gum #LunasFirstTour #Seattle.”

John Legend, Instagram post:

Currently, John, Chrissy and Luna are on the road as John is in the midst of his current tour, The Darkness & Light Tour. John and his crew were already in the Seattle area for the baseball game, as he had performing in Woodinville, Washington on June 3rd and 4th.

After the family threw out the ceremonial first pitch, the Mariners tweeted out a post thanking the famous trio. The baseball team posted, “Many thanks to [Chrissy Teigen] and [John Legend] for letting Luna throw out our first pitch. It was a heater right down to the pipe.”

Seattle Mariners, Twitter post:

kendall kylie jenner distance from caitlyn after book

According to recent media reports, Caitlyn Jenner’s memoir The Secrets of My Life didn’t just cause a rift between her and the Kardashian family. This week, a source close to the star told the press that even Caitlyn’s two daughters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, are distancing themselves from her.

While discussing the two young stars’ relationship with their father, the source explained, “Kendall is loyal to Kris and has very little to do with her dad. The more time that has passed, the more she feels Caitlyn has let her down with the things she has said and with her actions.”

The source went on to reveal that Kylie is slowly finding herself unable to stay completely out of the inner-family drama between the Kardashians and Caitlyn. The source elaborated, “Kylie has really made an effort to take side and to be supportive of Caitlyn. She really wants to have a relationship with her dad, but Caitlyn has hurt Kris tremendously and it’s made it very difficult. With everyone in the family on Kris’s side, it’s hard on Kylie…She tries to keep it separate and doesn’t want to discuss it with the rest of the family.”

As shown recently on the family’s weekly reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, tensions are at an all-time high between Caitlyn and the rest of the clan. The same source went on to divulge to the press, “Both [Kendall and Kylie] really struggle with not being close to Caitlyn…It’s left a big void in their lives to not have the father they grew up with. She was a part of their lives every single day.”

Here are the biggest takeaways from Caitlyn’s book, The Secrets of My Life:

  1. She felt she didn’t deserve the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Caitlyn writes that she doesn’t necessarily feel “brave” because she chose to go public with her gender identity issues, despite the fact that her decision is often described that way. “For me it was a form of cowardice to wait so long,” she says, adding that she doesn’t think she deserved the award bestowed on her by the ESPYs back in 2015, “but nobody would turn down such an honor.”
  2. But wants you to know that it was not a prearranged publicity stunt. Because the ESPYs took place so soon after Caitlyn’s Diane Sawyer interview andVanity Fair cover, rumors circulated that she only agreed to do the 20/20 special if she got the award. “It is 100 percent wrong, complete bullshit,” Caitlyn writes. “The actual interview took place months before I was told I would be receiving the Arthur Ashe award.”
  3. Caitlyn’s publicist first killed a story about her gender identity in the 1980s. After finding out that theNew York Times had been looking “to pin down a story” on Caitlyn wearing women’s clothing, Caitlyn told her publicist Alan Nierob about her feelings and had him kill it. “He pounds the crap out of the Times,” Caitlyn writes. “It works.”
  4. She did a screen test for Superman but didn’t want to cut her hair for the role. “My hair is one of the few ways I can feel my femininity, and it is these tentacles that keep me going, make me feel some tiny piece of my authentic self.”
  5. Caitlyn’s relationship with Khloé remains fractured. This much is obvious if you’ve seen any recent episodes ofKUTWK, but according to Caitlyn, her relationship with Khloé has not fully recovered since her transition. “Khloé has the hardest time with it,” she says. “It is something Khloé and I should talk about privately, as we have on many occasions on other sensitive subjects. But we have not, although I have tried. We have not been the same since.”
  6. The Kardashians were intentionally left out of the first Diane Sawyer special. If you watched20/20 and thought it seemed like there wasn’t very much Kris and the gang, you were right. “They are right to feel slighted,” says Caitlyn. “They were slighted on purpose because of research showing that anytime a Kardashian is on television, many in the public tend to think it is a publicity stunt to make money.”
  7. During her marriage to Kris, Kris had total control over Caitlyn’s finances. According to Caitlyn, she did not have a checking account during the peakKUTWK days and her credit card purchases were “carefully pored over.”
  8. Caitlyn really did not like O.J. Simpson. Caitlyn got to know him via Kris’s friendship with Nicole Brown Simpson and never enjoyed spending time with him: “He was the most narcissistic, egocentric, neediest asshole in the world of sports I had ever seen, and I had seen a lot of them.”
  9. Caitlyn thought O.J. was guilty, and according to Caitlyn, so did Kris and Robert Kardashian. Caitlyn says that she and Kris “believed he had done it the minute we heard of her murder and the circumstances surrounding it.” As for Kardashian, who died in 2003, Caitlyn claims that he once said while in a car, “I would’ve been OK with it if they’d gotten him in the first trial.”
  10. Rumors that Caitlyn regretted transitioning are completely untrue. Ian Halperin, who wrote the unauthorized biography Kardashian Dynasty, claimed in 2016 that Caitlyn regretted her transition. Caitlyn slams these rumors as “100 percent wrong and garbage and swill.”
  11. She may have been the real brains behind the KUTWK operation. In one throwaway line, Caitlyn hints that she’s actually the person who came up with the idea to film the Kardashian family. “The house is awash in puberty and adolescence and young adulthood and two parents with very different styles,” she writes. “It seems to me something is there for television.” Then, in a new paragraph: “Kris says she is the one who came up with the idea and decided to actively pitch it to Ryan Seacrest.” Care to weigh in, Ryan?
  12. Caitlyn’s family was embarrassed by KUTWKCaitlyn says her aunt Ellie sent a letter to her and Kris after the show debuted about how Caitlyn had become a “disappointment” to her fans. “The implication is that I have sold myself out, willingly destroyed what positive reputation I have left,” she writes. “Pretty much on the mark.”
  13. But Caitlyn says her depiction on the show was more or less accurate. “I come across in the reality show as a well-meaning but slightly doddering patriarch who has no life of his own and is subsumed by the women who surround him and only does what his wife tells him,” she writes. “In other words: a totally true depiction.”
  14. Burt, Brandon, and Brody Jenner hated Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover. Caitlyn says it had less to do with the photograph being “risqué” and more to do with the fact that she “did not gauge how a son would feel seeing his father in a cream-colored bustier.”
  15. Kim was a little disappointed that Caitlyn spelled her name with a “C.” Caitlyn’s recollection of this conversation makes it seem like Kim was joking, but Caitlyn also had this to say about Kim even asking about it: “Spoken like a true Kardashian.”
  16. Caitlyn had gender confirmation surgery, which she calls “the Final Surgery,” in January 2017. While this is not something a transgender person ever has an obligation to discuss (and Caitlyn herself reiterates several times that it’s no one’s business but the person who’s having it), Caitlyn says she chose to include it because she wanted to be able to stop talking about it. “I feel not only wonderful but liberated,” she writes. “I am telling you because I believe in candor. So all of you can stop staring. You want to know, so now you know. Which is why this is the first time, and the last time, I will ever speak of it.”