Kyle Warren talks ‘Supernatural’ Foundry and that man bun

kyle warren phone supernatural foundry

kyle warren phone supernatural foundry

Kyle Warren may have only appeared in one scene in Supernatural’s The Foundry, but he definitely made an impression … or maybe that was his “man-bun”? He did make “man-bun” haters happy with his exit, and he was quick to acknowledge that on his Twitter account.

Kyle is rather chatty, but he broke our interview record for being the shortest one we’ve ever had. I’m sure he’ll be happy to know about his new shortcoming.

Here’s what he had to say about being part of the Supernatural “The Foundry” episode.

How were you cast as Dave?

How you get cast for anything is getting into a casting room and doing some pretending that someone in authority deems acceptable for you to be paid money for. No small feat I assure you! In my case, I stumbled onto the BEST acting instructor, mentor and despot in the business… Deb Podowski at Austin Tuck Studios in Vancouver. She got me the best agent in town, and with gentle artistic prowess mixed with the iron fist of discipline, converted this silly rascal into a working actor. A miracle of no small exploit!

Kyle Warren talks 'Supernatural' Foundry and that man bun 2016 images

What can you tell us about the character?

Dave is a fella with a passion for breakfast sandwiches, real estate, and danger. He also has impeccable fashion sense and a very intimate relationship with the one true love of his life: his golden man-bun.

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Were you familiar with Supernatural before you were cast?

Supernatural is a cornerstone of the Vancouver film world, so every actor is familiar with the show that’s been HUGELY successful for 12 seasons and starring a couple of gorgeous HUNKS.

kyle warren supernatural door slam foundry

Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

I remember getting to set and strutting into my trailer feeling pretty accomplished and proud of myself for having enough acting skill and craft to book this amazing gig. Grandiosely floating over to the craft services and grabbing a pumpkin seed muffin that I got to eat as a professional thespian. Than I went to the hair and makeup trailer and sat in my chair with a big grin on my face, than the makeup lady graciously informed me, “Good thing you didn’t cut your hair because that’s why they cast you…”  Maybe my hair deserved the muffin…

kyle warner head shot

Do you have any current projects that you are working on?

Ya, I’ve been on a couple more TV shows and a movie that I’m not sure I can talk about, made some pretty HILARIOUS sketch comedy videos with some friends in LA that we’re releasing soon, and a couple other things so THIS is what we’ll do. Just follow me on twitter @WarKy12, we’ll be really close friends, our lives with be quantifiably better for it than and I’ll tell you all personally what’s going on!  Deal? Thanks so much for talking with me!