Kendall Jenner Washes Sins Away & Justin Bieber Sues

kendall jenner washing sins away

kendall jenner washing sins awayThis week’s celebrity gossip kicks off with Selena Gomez’s performance this morning on The Today Show. She performed several of her most popular songs to a roaring crowd. Afterwards she gave a quick interview in which she said that she has been in a transitional period in her career over the course of the last two years.

After recently having been accused of being fat, Selena Gomez wore nothing but a white pantsuit and bra when she performed for the audience of the Ellen Degeneres Show. She said the press was all over her for being fat after she was photographed on vacation in a bathing suit that she admitted was a little too small for her.

Gomez is also dealing with the fact that she took a break from her career because she had to be treated for lupus in order to avoid having a stroke. She said she had a hard time dealing with the rumors that there were rumors she took a break because of alcohol or drug abuse. She also said after all she has done for those in need she doesn’t appreciate having become nothing more than a story in the tabloids.

Proving she’s all over the place, Taylor Swift appears on the cover of Australia’s version of Vogue for their November 2015 issue. In her subsequent interview with Vogue, Swift said that one of her favorite parts of the life she has now is all the friends she has made.

The cover of Netherland’s version of Vogue will feature Gigi Hadid in its November 2015 issue. Hadid has also been busy making runway appearances for Spring 2016 fashion shows.

Meanwhile, Hadid’s sister, Bella, has recently gone public with the struggle she faces as a victim of Lyme disease. It was revealed at a recent NYC charity event that Bella’s mom and younger sister suffer from the disease as well. Bella and Gigi’s mother stated that she’ll do anything to find a cure for Lyme disease so they don’t have to suffer anymore.

Taylor Hill is currently appearing in a new Victoria’s Secret ad campaign. She recently told People magazine that she was excited to have been contracted to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Matt Damon drew viewers to movie theaters this weekend and his latest movie, The Martian, was the most attended movie of the weekend, with Hotel Transylvania 2 coming in second. Dragging behind in third place for the weekend was Pan, the remake of Peter Pan, which so far has only grossed a disappointing $15.5 million on its opening weekend.

Steven Tyler is reportedly unhappy that Donald Trump has been using Tyler’s smash hit, Dream On, as his campaign song. In fact he is so unhappy with Trump’s use of the song that he had a cease and desist letter sent to the presidential hopeful. In the letter it said that Trump was not permitted to use Dream On as his campaign song because Tyler doesn’t want people under the mistaken impression that he supports Trump’s run for President.

kendall jenner in shower 2015 gossipOnce again showing how low class the Kardashian clan really is, Kendall Jenner recently did a photo shoot in which she went topless. She even posted a pic on the Internet of herself topless in the shower, with a caption saying she was washing her sins away.

Bill Cosby’s former TV son, Malcom Jamal Warner, recently told the press in an interview that due to the allegations against Cosby, he is worried that in the future people will see The Cosby Show’s Huxtables family as a fairy tale. Warner said that up until now The Cosby Show had always proved that not all black people are worthy of the stereotypes placed against them. He also said that this is an all- around bad situation for Bill Cosby and that he would keep private what he and Cosby have discussed.

Taylor Swift has once again proven how popular she is with her fans. She has now set a record for the most followers on Instagram, with over 50 million fans. She posted to Instagram thanking her fans for following her and joked that she probably only has so many Instagram followers because of the cute pictures she posts of her cats.

In other Taylor Swift social media news she has stated that she prefers to use text messages to communicate with her celebrity friends, as opposed to doing so on Twitter. This is allegedly because of the fallout she had with Nicki Minaj, in which the two got into a scuffle via their Twitter accounts.

On the heels of his divorce from Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton is gearing up for a new 2016 tour. He recently told the media that going on the road to perform is his favorite thing to do and that he has missed it.

justin bieber showing beef 2015 gossipJustin Bieber is once again making gossip headlines in his quest to take legal action against the New York Daily News for running photos of Bieber in which his private parts are exposed. Bieber’s lawyers have reportedly sent the famous cease and desist letter to the Daily News. Bieber’s manager even posted on Twitter that privacy should be respected. The pictures in question were taken while Bieber was vacationing on Bora Bora with his alleged girlfriend.

Ashley Benson is publically apologizing after having posted photos of herself in a Cecil the Lion on her Instagram account. She had captioned the picture by stating it was a Cecil the Lion costume and asking her followers what they thought of the costume. After she got so many negative responses she said that the posted caption was not correct and she immediately had her management team change the post. She called the incident an unfortunate oversight and said that she supports animal conservation.

Wrapping up this week’s celebrity gossip, former Full House star John Stamos is being charged with driving while under the influence of GHB. Stamos is reportedly using it to lose weight.