‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 1108 Big Launch Little Kourtney Temper

keeping up with the kardashians big launch kourtney anger 2016 images

keeping up with the kardashians big launch kourtney anger 2016 imagesThe Kardashian girls are back at it on this week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In “The Big Launch,” the family embarks on a trip to the big apple for two substantial events: New York Fashion Week and the launch of their personalized websites/apps.

The first spat of the episode comes from Kourtney, who is upset that her app won’t be ready to launch at the same time as her sisters. While all of the other family members can see that it was simply because she “dropped the ball” when the app developers were trying to get things set up, Kourtney remains adamant that she wasn’t kept in the loop in terms of what needed to be done. Nonetheless, Kourtney decides to venture off to New York City for both fashion week and the app launch, where she figures she can, at least, talk about her upcoming app even if it isn’t launching quite yet.

The sisters all jet off to New York City, where Kendall is walking in the Givenchy show, and Kylie is preparing to walk in Kanye’s Yeezy season two show. In between all of the madness, the girls all find time to go out for dinner (along with Kylie’s beau, Tyga). At dinner, the older sisters reminisce on some of the crazy moments they had together when they came out to Fashion Week years ago. Unfortunately, the light and joyful mood takes a turn when Khloe begins talking about preparing for the big launch of their apps. Immediately it becomes clear that Kourtney is not pleased with the situation surrounding her app.keeping up with the kardshians 1108 big launch little kourtney 2016 imagesShortly after, Kim advises Kourtney to tell the press that she has chosen to launch her app later because it is more focused on lifestyle, rather than fashion and beauty like the other apps. Kourtney suggests that she explains that she just had a baby (Reign), and this caused some delay in the development. However, Kim right away shuts down Kourtney’s idea and exclaims, “so what… I’m pregnant! Everyone in life has a baby and works like ten jobs.” To rub it in more, Kim tells her older sister, “Sorry you’re not special. It’s already procrastinating.” Surprisingly Kourtney doesn’t flip out at her sister (well, at least not on camera) and seemingly agrees to go with what Kim advised her to do.

The next day Kim is seen staying at her best friend Jonathan Cheban’s house. Here, Kim explains to Jonathan how busy she is trying to put the finishing touches on her app. Thus, she orders Jonathan to take a urine sample of hers to the doctors, as she is ensuring everything is still healthy in terms of her pregnancy. Reluctantly Jonathan agrees to be Kim’s slave for the afternoon and even returns with cronuts (half donuts, half croissant), as per Kim’s request.

That night, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kendall attend the release party for Kylie’s Galore magazine cover. The girls seem to be thoroughly enjoying their sister bonding time, but unfortunately, Kylie cuts things short when Tyga suggests that they go to another club. So while Kylie heads out to another venue with Tyga, the rest of the sisters are rightfully angered by Kylie’s sudden decision to ditch them.

Unsurprisingly, after Kim hears about Kylie’s latest questionable actions from her sisters she decides to confront the 18-year-old. While at lunch with Kylie, Kim reveals that several people have told her that Kylie acts like a bit of a “diva on set.” Kim goes on to explain that people who have worked with Kylie in the past claim that she is constantly on her phone and hasn’t been the most professional person while on the job. Fortunately, Kylie doesn’t get defensive and admits that she could definitely do some improving.

Meanwhile, Khloe and Kourtney go out to dinner with a few friends (including Jonathan Cheban and Joyce Bonelli). At dinner, Kourtney begins discussing how she is doing after breaking up with Scott. Kourtney reveals that while at first she let Scott come over whenever he wanted, that didn’t work out so well and so now they have more specific rules in terms of sharing custody of their three young kids. Kourtney goes on to state that while she wants the best for her ex, she is not going to wait for him to get his act together. However, she does admit that she isn’t one to date around anymore.

The episode finishes off with the sisters’ press event for their apps. The five sisters – Kim, Khloe, Kendall, Kourtney and Kylie – took the stage to answer a bunch of questions and elaborate what each of their apps entails. In addition, Kylie made her second appearance in a row at Kanye’s show (she was featured in his show last year) – which she gets plenty of praise for afterwards from her sisters.

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