keeping up with kardashians last straw recap 2015 images

keeping up with kardashians 1017 last straw recap 2015 imagesThis episode on Sunday was the season 10 finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In “The Last Straw,” the sisters realized just how serious Kris Jenner’s relationship with her much younger boyfriend Corey Gamble is and Kourtney was forced to deal with the problems that plague her relationship with Scott Disick.

The episode began with Kim showing Khloe a tweet from Caitlyn, which seemed to be Caitlyn’s version of an apology to their mom for “bashing” her in Vanity Fair. Unfortunately, both Kim and Khloe agree that Caitlyn should be apologizing in person and not over a social media platform.

Shortly after, Khloe heads over to Caitlyn’s house to try and sort things out in person. Khloe confronts Caitlyn and finally gets her to somewhat confess to being insensitive about her past relationship with Kris. Although it wasn’t the most elaborate apology ever made, Khloe realizes this is most likely the best she will get from Caitlyn. Off-camera Khloe confesses, “Bruce and I have always had an awesome relationship and I really want my relationship with Caitlyn to be great as well.”

Meanwhile, Scott is busy in Vegas doing multiple club appearances, which leads to him going off on a drawn out partying “bender.” Kourtney is worried about his behavior, but she has clearly seen him go down this road many times in the past so she stays fairly composed when Scott’s friend calls her to tell her about his troubling behavior. Kourtney explains, “I wanna be mad, but then I also worry about Scott’s safety. He definitely has a problem that he has to deal with.”

Later in the episode, we see Kim receive a call while she is having lunch in Kris’ kitchen. Kim puts her cousin Cici on speakerphone and listens as Cici reads out a headline saying that Scott was photographed getting close to a girl while in Monaco. Right away, Kris looks up the article and is in shock to see that the father of her grandchildren seems to be publicly cheating on her daughter. She quickly exclaims, “That piece of s—t!” Both Kim and Kris are disgusted by the pictures of Scott with his arm around another girl and feel bad for Kourtney. However, Kim points out that “maybe it’s time” for Kourtney to finally end her relationship with Scott.

Also in this episode, Khloe begins to realize that Kris’ relationship with Corey Gamble (who is 25 years younger than Kris) is becoming much more serious than Kris is letting on. After some prying, Kris finally admits to her daughters that though she realizes she doesn’t want to get married again, she does really enjoy being with Corey and “loves” him. Additionally, she opens up (a bit too much) and explains her sex life with her relatively new boyfriend, saying, “I literally have too much sex. I’m exhausted.”

After learning just how close Kris and Corey have become, Khloe decides to do her due diligence and invites Corey out for dinner with her and her best friend/interrogator Malika. While at dinner, Khloe and Malika take the time to question Corey on a number of things, including kids and marriage. Malika asks him if he has always been interested in older women, in which Corey jokingly quips back, “Since I was in second grade hitting on my teacher.”

While Scott remains off in France, the family worries about how Kourtney is doing. Kourtney reveals to her mother that she has been feeling dragged down by Scott for some time now, explaining, “When I wake up I feel sick. That’s how I feel pretty much every day.”

The episode ends off with Kourtney having a one-on-one with Kim. Kim tells Kourtney she thinks it’s time that the family rids of all the negative male energy, obviously referring to Scott. Kourtney immediately begins tearing up and tells her she is “on the verge of a mental breakdown.” Kim advises her, “I think you just have to try and move on.” Kourtney seems to agree as she says, “I could never depend on him for a single thing.” However she feels very emotionally invested in Scott, as she has “worked so hard to keep [her] family together.”

The season finale ends with a montage of Kourtney and Scott, showing the happier moments the couple has had throughout the show.  It also highlights some of Scott’s more reckless moments and the ripples they have caused within the family and his relationship with Kourtney. In an off-camera interview Kourtney reveals, “At this point, I’m really just trying to focus on me and the kids, and make them the priority.”

Sneak Peak for Season 11:

In the preview for the upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it shows a behind-the-scenes look at Khloe’s infamous Complex magazine shoot, Kim’s struggles with her second pregnancy and a chance to see Scott’s side of the story as he admits, “I f—ked up.”

You can check out the latest Kardashian drama when the show returns for its 11th season on November 15, at 9pm on E!