‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 1213 Havana Good Day until Kylie’s Puma deal

keeping up with the kardashians havana good day until puma 2016 images

'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' 1213 Havana Good Day until Kylie's Puma deal 2016 images

On this week’s all-new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians “Havana Good Night,” the Kardashian sisters finished up their short trip to Cuba. In addition, Kylie gets some of her family members angry after doing an unexpected endorsement deal.

While Kourtney, Kim, Khloe are busy exploring the country of Cuba, Scott Disick is feeling seriously left out back in California. While talking with Kris, Scott explains that there was far too much paperwork to be done for him to be able to join the girls. However, now that he is stuck at home and seeing all of the sisters’ social media posts, he can’t help but feel like he is missing out on some really good memories. Therefore, he tells Kris that he is going to somehow bring Cuba to them.

Meanwhile, back in Cuba, the group heads to a salsa dancing class. Although Kim and North [conveniently] forget their salsa dresses, Kanye comes to the rescue and cuts up some flowing fabric and creates two dance-worthy dresses for his loved ones. The sisters and little ones have lots of fun attempting to learn one of Cuba’s most well-known dances. In confessional Kim admits, “It’s so good to see Khloe letting loose and having fun,” seeing as Khloe has been constantly worrying about Lamar’s well-being ever since she left California.

Scott kicks off his attempt to bring Cuba to California by showing up at Kris’s house with a bunch of Cuban cuisine. Fortunately, Kris, Kylie and Kylie’s friend Jordyn are pleasantly surprised with just how good the food tastes. Later on, Scott returns with rapper French Montana to Kris’s house driving an old-fashioned car (just like the ones driven around Cuba). While it was a short ride, Scott, French, Kris and Kylie have a good time going for a bit of a joy ride while smoking some knock-off Cuban cigars.

While driving in Cuba, Kim informs Kanye that she is going to have to be in New York on Mother’s Day, as she has a work commitment booked. Notably not impressed Kanye questions her, “We didn’t plan to be together on Mother’s Day?” Unfortunately, in confessional Kim explains that she has already rescheduled this particular booking previously and therefore is unable to do so again.

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Before heading back home the next day, the group has one final dinner together in Cuba. Here, the topic of Kylie’s latest endorsement deal comes up. It turns out that Kylie had partnered up with Puma, despite Kanye’s strong connection to Puma’s competitor Adidas. In confessional, Kim admits that Kanye had placed a lot of faith in Kylie and even allowed her to walk in the first two seasons of his Yeezy fashion shows. Kanye admits that he is not happy with Kylie’s latest business venture, explaining that it is kind of a betrayal on her part. He says that it is similar to as if he were to sign on for a Sunday night TV show without telling the whole Kardashian clan. Khloe agreed, stating, “Mom or Kylie should have presented it to Kanye first.”

Back in California, Kim is seen hanging out with her sister Kourtney. Kim is still hung up on the whole Puma-Kylie ordeal, explaining that she has been receiving numerous phone calls from friends who are wondering how mad Kanye is about the situation. Kim tells her sister, “I never want to get in the way of anyone’s money.” Going on to add that her husband Kanye really doesn’t care about the partnership. However, she still feels it is very disrespectful of both Kris and Kylie to not let them know what was going on beforehand.

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Towards the end of the episode, it is revealed that Kim did opt to push back her shoot in order to spend a “normal” Mother’s Day with Kanye and her two children. Of course, “normal” in her world refers to having a full orchestra playing in her very own living room.

Kim has a one-on-one meeting with Kris when she gets back to Calabasas. Here, she confronts Kris about Kylie’s new deal with Puma. Kris tells Kim, ”Sometimes it’s about a business decision which is completely not personal,” in which Kim interjects, “sometimes when you’re dealing with family it’s not really a business decision.” Eventually, Kris realizes that she failed to properly communicate with everyone and tells her daughter, “Sometimes I get ahead of myself and forget to communicate the way I should.” Content with Kris’s acknowledgment of the situation, Kim says in confessional, “I’m just glad my mom understands where I’m coming from. We ultimately want what’s best for each other.”

The episode ends with a small little Cuban-themed gathering that Kourtney, Khloe and Malika put on for Scott and the other family members who were unable to make it on the Cuba trip. Filled with plenty of food, salsa music and a strict no-phone policy, the whole family (including Scott) enjoyed a Californian-take on what its like to be in Cuba.

You can catch more Keeping Up with the Kardashians next Sunday, August 14 on E!

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