Katherine Heigl tries to end Seth Rogan feud and Martha Stewart with Snoop Dogg

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Back in March of 2015, Comedy Central invited pop star Justin Bieber to be the man of the hour for one of the network’s infamous roasts. Here, numerous comedic stars, including SNL’s Pete Davidson and Kevin Hart, took turns poking fun at the young singer. Two of the guests who were part of the show, rapper Snoop Dogg and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, really seemed to have hit it off. In fact, it has now been revealed that the unlikely duo is reuniting for their very own show on VH1!

VH1 just announced that they would be airing a show titled Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party. According to the network, the show will be “a half-baked evening of cooking, conversation and fun where nothing is off limits.”

In a statement, Martha explained, “At our dinner party, we will exemplify America’s fascination with food, entertaining and celebrity. Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party will redesign the traditional food competition shows in a new, different and very funny way.” Snoop also commented on his latest unexpected venture, stating, “My home girl, Martha and I have a special bond that goes back. We’re gonna be cooking, drinking and having a good time with our exclusive friends. Can’t wait for you to see how we roll together.”

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Clearly, the TV network is feeling they hopeful about their new content starring this intriguing celebrity combo. The president of VH1 and Logo, Chris McCarthy gleefully noted, “[Our network is] thrilled to partner with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, two of pop culture’s biggest icons. Good parties are filled with fun, food and unexpected guests. Wait ‘til you see what happens at Martha and Snoop’s Dinner party; it will be unforgettable.”

VH1, Instagram Announcement:

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Katherine Heigl tries to end Seth Rogan feud and Martha Stewart with Snoop Dogg 2016 imagse

Back in 2007, well-known comedian Seth Rogen and actress Katherine Heigl starred alongside each other in the romantic comedy Knocked Up. Written and directed by Judd Apatow, the movie was not only a hit at the box office (earning approximately $219 million USD globally) but also a big success amongst film critics.

Surprisingly, not long after the movie found its notable success, Katherine told the press that she found the plotline “a little sexist.” In an interview with Vanity Fair, Katherine claimed that the movie was “hard for [her] to make” and that she felt it “[painted] women as shrews.” Inevitably, Seth Rogen (who was also an executive producer on Knocked Up) came to the film’s defense and pointed out that Katherine isn’t known for being the biggest team player when it comes to working on sets (she was also having issues with the cast and crew of Grey’s Anatomy at the time).

Now, almost 10 years later, Seth has finally decided to clear the air and explain his true feelings towards his former co-star. On Sunday, Seth appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The 34-year-old claimed, “I was never that mad [at Katherine] honestly.” Going on to add, “I assumed that she didn’t want to work with us anymore honestly because she seemed to not like the results of the work we did together. She did not seem entirely pleased with it afterwards.”

Evidently trying to bury the hatchet and move on from his ‘feud,” Seth also told host Andy Cohen, “I think [her unfavorable opinion of Knocked Up] was the root of everything, but honestly, it was so long ago…I have a hard time recalling what it was about or who was supposed to be mad at who. I have no bad feelings towards her at all honestly.”

On Monday, Seth did a guest spot on Howard Stern’s radio show, where he also addressed his little spat with Heigl. While Seth admitted to being “very sympathetic” of Katherine if she genuinely didn’t like the movie, he also acknowledged the fact that Knocked Up is “probably still [his] most successful movie” and that the general consensus was that it was a funny and well-written movie (despite Katherine’s unfavorable opinion).

Heigl tried to put an end to the stories as they’ve always wound up with her in the bad light.

Reflecting on the piece of advice that has stuck with her throughout her decades-long career, she said, “Probably not to take myself too seriously, and that’s I think an age thing. You kind of get there with age.”

“Your 20s are all so narcissistic in that way that you think that everyone is judging you, and everyone’s thinking about all the things you do wrong,” she continued. “I think you get to an age where you’re like, ‘I don’t care. I’ll be fine as long as my family loves me.’”

Nonetheless, it doesn’t look like we will see Seth and Katherine sharing the screen anytime soon.