Kanye West invited for Los Angeles Clippers mascot

Kanye West invited for Los Angeles Clippers mascot

kanye west invited for los angeles clippers mascot 2016 images

Steve Ballmer Invites Kanye West to Redesign Mascot, Clippers Still Awaiting Return of Blake Griffin

Have you seen the new Los Angeles Clippers mascot “Chuck the Condor”? It’s…well, interesting. Some people like it; most  people don’t. The original Pierre the Pelican was the stuff of nightmares, so I don’t have much room to talk, I suppose.

Anyways, rapper and singer Kanye West took a break from complaining about Taylor Swift and asking Mark Zuckerberg for money to voice his displeasure with the new mascot in a tweet.

“Steve Ballmer can I please redesign the Clippers mascot,” tweeted Kanye, appealing directly to the owner. Surprisingly enough, Ballmer got back to him pretty quickly.

“Love Chuck but love your creativity. Let’s talk. Lunch?” said the former Microsoft CEO.

He then followed it up with a more enticing offer.

“Better than lunch. Let’s grab a Clips game together and talk.”

So I guess if we see Kanye sitting courtside in Los Angeles anytime soon we’ll know what’s going on. Of course, those games have been a lot less exciting without former NBA Dunk Contest champion and All-Star forward Blake Griffin, who has been out since Christmas Day with a torn quad and a broken hand resulting from a fight with a member of the team staff.

The Clippers have managed to stay 25-10 without one of their stars; however, they struggled immensely Sunday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, losing 114-90.

“It gets real tough,” said Chris Paul when asked about the difficulties of continuing to play without Blake. “[Cleveland has] three, four guys out there that in a low shot clock can bail you out. Just all that tension he brings opens it up for all of us.”

Head coach Doc Rivers understands the difficulty of building a championship team, and without Griffin, he feels his team isn’t ready to advance far in the playoffs.

“They’re looking at us right now thinking ‘Please make it to the Finals’ because they’re comfortable against us,” said Rivers after the game.

Of course, making it that far is a stretch even with Griffin on the court. He may as well rest up so long as the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs continue to play at historical levels.

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