Justin Bieber Support Group & Chris Brown’s Venus Tat: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

justin bieber looking for support group

This week in celebrity gossip, Charlie Sheen has hit a new low. His latest bout of insanity is the idea that he should run as Vice President elect under Donald Trump. He said if Donald Trump would accept him as his running mate, he would agree to do it. This came after Owen Wilson publically compared Charlie Sheen to Donald Trump.

chris brown venus de milo tattoo gossip 2015Proving that Chris Brown really has lost his mind he recently got a Venus de Milo tattoo on the back of his head. No word as to why he chose the tattoo that he chose, but he tool to social media to state that he does whatever he wants.

To wrap up Taylor Swift’s world tour she recently performed a concert in Los Angeles where Lisa Kudrow, Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake appeared onstage with her. Gomez is reportedly best friends with Taylor Swift, while Lisa Kudrow was asked to perform the song “Smelly Cat” at the concert in homage to Kudrow’s Friends character, Phoebe Buffay. Taylor Swift even sang backup for Justin Timberlake. At the end of the concert Taylor made eye contact with boyfriend Calvin Harris, who was sitting in the audience, and mouthed that she loved him. A fan attending the concert reportedly filmed this declaration of love.

Another special guest at this concert was Alanis Morissette, who Swift considers to be a personal hero of hers. When she brought Alanis on stage she said that the Canadian singer had defined music throughout an entire decade and served as the inspiration for many female artists.

On the way to Swift’s last concert of the tour, Julianne Hough posted a photo on her Instagram account in which she showed herself wearing her new engagement ring. An insider connected to Hough and her fiancé said that he and a jewelry designer came up with her customized engagement ring together.

In other Selena Gomez gossip, the singer recently appeared on the cover of the Style Magazine found in the Sunday Times. In an interview with the magazine she talked about her previous romantic relationship with Justin Bieber. She said she didn’t think she was wrong for loving him when she did, even though she was criticized for her relationship with Bieber.

justin bieber looking for support groupIn a recent interview Justin Bieber admitted that most people that know of him are doing their best to work against him. He admitted that he may have been a bad influence on people in general. He also said that he wants to be around people who support him. If he can find those people.

The cast of Star Trek Beyond recently paid tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy. They recently made a video in which they promoted supporting charities that Leonard Nimoy supported, such as St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Last weekend Lindsay Lohan attended a friend’s wedding in Italy and reportedly had jewelry stolen from her while she was there. Lindsay later posted a photo from the wedding where she was wearing a white dress and fans called her out on it, asking her who she had married.

In news that is probably making Michael Jackson turn over in his grave, Kanye West will be receiving an award at the MTV Music Video Awards show. According to MTV Kanye is receiving this award for the impact he has made in pop culture and the alleged groundbreaking videos he has filmed. It’s hard to say if this is more of a disgrace to Michael Jackson, MTV or both.

After three years of dating, Dave Franco is engaged to Alison Brie. At a recent movie premiere, Brie showed off her brand new engagement ring. She also recently stated in an Elle Magazine interview that she wasn’t looking to get married until she started dating Franco.

One Direction fans are not pleased with the news that the band might be taking a year off after their promotional tour for their fifth album has concluded. The break is scheduled to start in March 2016, resulting in the band choosing not to embark on a world tour to promote their latest album. Each of the band members plans to spend that year pursuing other projects.

Last weekend in New Jersey, Tracy Morgan finally married his longtime fiancée. The ceremony was reportedly small, with only family and close friends in attendance. This is the second marriage for Tracy Morgan.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer appeared on stage with Billy Joel at a recent concert in Chicago. They reportedly got up on stage and danced during his performance of Uptown Girl. The two actresses have recently been writing a movie together that they plan on filming together too.

Kim Kardashian recently spoke out against the media for criticizing her weight gain when she was pregnant with her first baby. She also said that there were stories circulating that she was getting dumped for having gained so much weight.

Sofia Vergas has recently teamed up with a housewares company named SharkNinja that just launched a coffee bar. She is representing the company and promoting their new coffee bar to consumers. Vergas said once she found out that this product was being launched she wanted to be involved both personally and professionally.

Proving how trashy and low class she has become, Miley Cyrus recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live with heart shaped pasties covering her nipples, which she flashed to the audience during the interview. She actually had the gall to say that displaying her covered nipples has helped calm her nerves before. Wrapping up this week’s celebrity gossip mill, when Jimmy Kimmel asked Miley what her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, thinks of her flashing her pasties she said that her dad would rather have her bare her breasts and be a nice person than keep them covered up but be a witch. This says a lot about the Cyrus family values, since she went from being Disney’s golden child to being one of the biggest train wrecks ever seen.