Just what kind of Barbarian are you?

just what kind of barbarian are you 2016 images

Just what kind of Barbarian are you? 2016 images

Find out what kind of barbarian you are

The History Channel’s new docudrama, Barbarians Rising, is currently airing around the world. A stylized version of historical events, the series looks at famous figures that rebelled against Rome, such as Hannibal of Carthage, Attila the Hun and Boudica of the Iceni tribe — names that once spelled fear in the hearts of the mightiest empire in the world.

How do you think you’d have done if you’d lived in those turbulent years? Our friends at the History Channel has created the Become A Barbarian quiz that asks Dungeons and Dragons-inspired questions such as ‘You come across a wounded enemy soldier on the battlefield, how do you react?’ By answering them, you’ll score stat points in cunning, leadership, strength and bravery. You’ll then get your own customized Barbarian name, title and stats on a digital card.

Once you’ve got your barbarian, you can compare your stats to those portrayed in Barbarians Rising to see how you do. For instance, you might score higher in strength than Spartacus, whose ability in the arena led him to overthrow the chains of slavery and lead one of the most renowned slave rebellions in Roman times.

You might score higher in cunning than Attila the Hun, who led the Hunnic Empire to greatness and was one of Rome’s most feared enemies. Attila often subverted what the Roman’s expected of him, in one example releasing captive messengers rather than executing them so they could pass on a message.

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Bravery doesn’t come much bolder than Boudica, who was queen of the Iceni tribe of Celts that rebelled against Roman occupation. Despite her far inferior forces, the rebellion almost forced the Romans out of Britain. Her courage, and name has since gone down in history.

Of course, you may be more of a natural leader who scores highly in leadership. Few will match up to Emperor Augustus – whose tactics, public understanding and ability to listen to his generals and subordinates led to one of the most peaceful periods of Roman history known as the Pax Romana. So find out what kind you are by heading over here.

Whatever your stats are, we’d love to know what kind of Barbarian you are. Take a screenshot of your card and leave your barbarian name in the comments. Don’t forget to check out full details around Barbarians Rising on the official History Channel website.